Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tar Sands: difference between The Tyee and StunTV is journalism

The Tyee responds to Ezra Levant's shallow, confrontational StunTV "Straight News Hard Talk" questions about its journalistic approach to covering the tar sands.
In your online reply to my comments, you say the Tyee's reporting is balanced. Have you ever published a pro-oilsands article?

The news reporting we publish does not set out to be pro or anti oil sands. We are interested in reporting that helps everyone get a better idea of whether the oil sands are sustainable, where the wealth they generate goes, how the oil sands might affect climate change, and such. We start with questions and are pleased to publish whatever answers we unearth. If the answers we arrive at aren't considered 'pro' oil sands by you or others, well, that's where the facts took us.
Here is another - and also hilarious! - spoof about the tar sands, one that features Harper government Enviro Minister Peter Kent.

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Have you seen this? http://deepclimate.org/tag/hamish-marshall/

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