Monday, 21 November 2011

So you think you can ozone?

Canadian Cynic observes: Holy fuck ... Canada's Minister of Environment Peter Kent is either retarded or drunk again.

Our response: I'll take *Substance Abuse By Contempt Party Ministers* for $200, Alex.

Here's the news story that precipitated the Question Period classic obfuscation by the Harper Con jobs.

Aaaaand once more, this brilliant spoof of e-Harmony, produced by Greenpeace.


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Anonymous said...

My favourite part is the self-congratulatory clapping and smirking. Dude can't answer the question, but he whines about the Liberals, and his buds are down with that.

Anonymous said...

While I will always be thankful for oil sand development here (it helps me feed my 4 small children) and while I generally loathe Green Peace, I have to admit their video was pretty funny.

deBeauxOs said...

Casting the dashing Peter Keleghan in the role of the sepulchral Peter Kent is particularly amusing.

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