Monday 19 March 2012

A Practical CPC* MP

Wow. A CPC MP has come out publicly against Woodworth's dog and pony show.
Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton will not be supporting a fellow Tory backbencher’s private member’s motion to open the discussion on when life begins.

Stephen Woodworth, a Conservative MP from the riding of Kitchener Centre, filed a motion in February proposing a parliamentary committee be created to discuss when a fetus is defined as a human being — a move that has publicly reignited the abortion debate.

“I don’t support the motion,” Stanton said, noting that Woodworth’s motion would undoubtedly bring the “divisive” abortion debate back into Parliament.

“The Supreme Court has given ample position on the rights of moms and I believe we need to keep the law the way it is.”

“If we go back 30 years to the public health problems that were posed when there were criminal sanctions in place, you have a whole set of other problems,” said Stanton, about the possibility of changing the current, clearly defined legislation. “The anti-abortion crowd would have us believe that we should just go back to that,”? [sic] said Stanton.

“They tend to overlook the implications of doing that.”

“I don’t want to in any way diminish the respect I have for people who feel differently,” he said.

“They have a right to do that but I don’t think they can impose their particular view of things on other moms that have those kinds of personal life choices to make.”

A bit odd, innit, to speak of 'moms' in this context. But whatever.

Let's revisit the handy list of anti-choice MPs as compiled and updated by the indefatigable Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Stanton opposed the Order of Canada for Dr Morgentaler, supported Epp's C484 ('unborn victims law'), but is not 'designated' anti-choice (go to the link for criteria for this assessment).

Interestingly, Stanton did not respond to Campaign Lie's questionnaire and so is listed as 'evaluation pending'. Evaluation will probably abruptly stop pending after this little interview.

He seems to belong to no committees in this Parliament but has served on the Aboriginal Affairs and Status of Women committees.

Here's his email address: bruce.stanton @ Let's zip him a message commending him for his pragmatic stance on this long-settled issue that, as he rightly foresees, is nothing but trouble. Perhaps encourage him to help his fellow caucus members to consider the 'implications' that he sees.

Like, not getting re-elected. Ever.

ADDED: Oh. Look. He's on Twitter.

*ADDED 2: On consultation with co-blogger deBeauxOs, I changed the title. We are going to reserve 'CONmen' for CPCers who toe the Hidden Agenda line and lie lie lie. Bruce Stanton does NOT belong in that gang.

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