Monday, 19 March 2012

I Despair, Part Umpty-Five

I was just working on a blogpost encouraging Liberal and NDP women MPs to coordinate a strategy to shut down Woodwank's Dog and Pony Show, when my Twitterstream belched a bunch of crap about Olivia Chow throwing a hissy fit in today's by-election in Toronto-Danforth.

This seems to be the source of it.

Michelle Johnston's profile:
U of T Student, History and Political Science; President, @uoftliberals; Fighting hard for Ontario; Views are my own

Of course it's not true. Olivia is a class act, not to mention waaaay too smart.

Just a lying smear from a junior good ole gal trying to play in the big leagues.

One would think the respective women's caucuses would be salivating at the chance to take on TheoCon dinosaurs like Woodworth, Vellacott, Del Mastro, Trost et al.

And one would be wrong.

Even the women of the Fucking Useless Opposition® are too busy fighting each other to fight for us.

And pundits wonder why Canadians are turned off politics.

So, it's back to Facebook, Twitter, and the blogs. It's up to us regular Canadians to protect our rights.


deBeauxOs said...

Johnston appears to be be enamoured of CON CPC tactics and I told her so.

Don't drop the post for NDP, LPC and BQ women. They have more maturity and political savvy than that eager young idiot. I expect someone from the CONs will make Johnston an offer she won't refuse.

Jymn said...

I love the "not vote Liberal" broken English bit. Living in BC, I'm becoming more and more alienated from the Liberals despite voting for Hedy Fry in last election. (BTW, love the Fucking Useless Opposition name. Think I'll adopt it.)

fern hill said...

Feel free. The more the . . . more depressed.

Orwell's Bastard said...

Hey, how did you embed that tweet?

fern hill said...

I access Twitter only from my computer using no whiz-bang app. So, 'open' the tweet, then 'details', then 'embed'.

Niles said...

Well, I'm confused. If this story actually happened, I would have thought the media would be alllll over this, doubly so when the Conservatives are desperate for any sniff of election tampering by any of the other parties. Anyone being ejected from a polling station, let alone Olivia Chow, would be news. What are the odds media wouldn't cover this? I'm not even seeing coverage on any Liblogs.

So, either Ms Campus completely misunderstood some scrutineering (which is a blood sport for the experts) or she has some 'splainin' to do.

What was the twitter response to her?

deBeauxOs said...

Initially, some of her pro-LPC followers re-tweeted her and pro-NDP folks like Dr Dawg told her outright she was a liar.

I replied with my own tweet, pointing out she was using CON tactics.

Niles said...

The immediacy of social media. The pummelling of foolishiness by e-shoes commences posthaste.

I had someone yesterday surprised that CEOs of companies likely aren't the ones actually writing their 'official' tweets, except *maybe* for the boilerplate 'deep' bonmots of wrist-sawing glurge wisdom. I pointed out unless carefully given forethought, 140 characters were more than enough to incite legal and stock exchange excitement. This concept had not heretofore occurred to said person. I suspect it hasn't occurred to a lot of people. Rather like showing off stolen goods on your Facebook page.

Does the campus girl's tweet count as libel? Will there be an apology forthcoming?

fern hill said...

Apology was certainly called for. Dunno if one was or will be offered.

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