Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Not the Slightest Sliver

Canadians have been a LOT smarter than their USian cousins when it comes to abortion.

Even 'progressive' politicians there have been coerced into stigmatizing abortion -- think 'safe, legal and rare'. They all wring their hands and talk about 'reducing' abortion. Also known as the 'no-one likes abortion' feint. Or 'abortion is the most traumatic decision a woman can make' BS.

And there's the crack that the nutbars down there are now driving semi-trailers through.

To wit:
• It's A-OK for doctors to lie about a woman or fetus's medical condition if it will stop her opting for abortion. (That site is the source of that fabulous graphic.)

• Some braindead legislator wants to make sure women don't lie to take advantage of a rape exception by requiring a medical 'rape test'.

• In Alaska, another legislator is musing about getting the impregnator's permission before an abortion can be allowed.

• Another thinks it's no big deal for women to carry dead fetuses to term just like cows, pigs, and chickens.

There are more such examples. Many, many, many, many more.

But in Canada there is no law on abortion that panty-sniffing misogynists can tweak, amend, and just generally fuck around with.

Canadian women and their allies have watched in horrified fascination at what the batshitcrazy crew gets up to in the Excited States.

And that's why we have fought like hell to stop even the slightest sliver of interference in Canadian women's right to autonomy, privacy, and equality.

And that's why Stephen Woodworth's Kanada's Kinder Küche Kirche motion will get the shortest of shrifts.

Just say no to Amerikan abortion insanity.

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