Thursday, 15 March 2012

Harper's history with Elections Canada

Part of the reason none of the incompetence, mismanagement, corruption and scandals stick to the Harper Government is that the public seems to suffer from collective amnesia.

Remember this?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's hostility toward Elections Canada is long-standing and visceral. As Elections Canada starts its investigation into harassing and misleading phone calls in the 2011 election, it's uncertain how confident Canadians can be the Conservatives will co-operate or that Elections Canada can proceed without consequence.

As head of the right-wing National Citizens' Coalition, Harper fought Elections Canada all the way to the Supreme Court over the ban on unlimited third-party election advertising and lost. From today's vantage point, that court case has an eerie if not prophetic title -- Harper vs. Elections Canada.
And this?

A judicial inquiry or a Royal Commission would be empowered to unearth the tracks of election fraud engineering by the CPC. So it's unlikely Stevie Spiteful will create either of those, and will deal instead with Elections Canada which he has applied himself to making toothless and thus ineffectual in stopping his steamroller of CONtempt for Parliament.

More about the CPC election fraud here and here.

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Kev said...

Harper considers Martin a fool for calling the Gomery inquiry a mistake he is bent on not making.

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