Thursday, 15 March 2012

Abortion? Seriously?

Here's Lorrie Goldstein, Senior Associate Editor for the Toronto Sun, on February 6, 2010, under the headline Abortion Fight? Give us a break.
Abortion? Seriously? This is the divisive debate Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff wants to plunge Canada back into when Parliament resumes March 3?

This was back when Motherhood Steve was pimping his maternal health initiative that excluded safe abortion and contraception and the Libs had cooked up a little gotcha.

Here's more:
But it won't just be Tories who split on abortion, thus wasting Parliament's time on an issue most Canadians consider, and want, to remain settled.

Got that? Silly Liberals wasting valuable time on a settled issue.

By the way, as it turns out, Goldstein was dead right about the split on abortion. DJ! reported:
Well. If you haven't heard yet, the MOTION WAS DEFEATED.

BY THE FUCKING HARPER LIBERALS, to wit, Dan McTeague, Paul Szabo, and John McKay, who voted with the TheoCons against family planning.

Yes, indeedy, in the 21st century, there are people who have the gall to call themselves Liberals and yet vote against their party in order to tell the wimmins -- yet again -- what we can do with our lady parts.

Let's go back to Goldstein:
Is this really what Ignatieff wants pre-occupying Parliament when it resumes? To roll back the clock and reignite the debate over abortion?

Who's rolling back the clock and wasting time over a settled issue now, eh?

DJ! implores sensible MPs to resist this old chestnut of junior-high debating clubs. When the first hour of debate comes up in April, it would be grand if, one after another, MPs rose to say: 'Mr Speaker, to paraphrase Lorrie Goldstein: "This is an attempt to roll back the clock. I refuse to waste this House's time over a settled matter".'

Let the Woodworths, Trosts, Vellacotts, and Del Mastros witter on the 'sanctity of life' demonstrating that the Cons' Hidden Agenda starts -- as usual -- with the wimmin.

Been there. Done that.


BONUS: Twitter is still having fun with the hashtag #TellAntiChoiceMPsEverything.

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Hoho! This post is so full of Win. Great catch, that Goldstein article -- wish I had that good a memory (my Human Hard Drive has been almost completely filled up, mostly with popups and spyware).

I've been offline for a few days, I apparently have some catching up to do. Eeek.

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