Friday, 11 November 2011

Dear Contempt Party of Canada:

you lie you lie you lie YOU LIE

Your MASSIVE Con Jobs - senators Doug Finley and Irving Gerstein, past party director Michael Donison, and past CFO Susan Kehoe - charged with criminal offenses were ^NOT "cleared of wrongdoing".

Your lawyer plea bargained to avoid a trial.
Crown prosecutor Richard Roy argued there was no point in sticking with the initial, more serious charges and dragging the matter out in court because the maximum fines allowed would have been the same.

As to dropping the charges against the four top Tory officials who actually carried out the in-and-out scheme Roy told reporters that "the public interest does not require that we continue on these charges."
How did you subvert the Crown prosecutor? Did you threaten his family or promise him a more lucrative job with your tar sand cronies?

What you did was illegal. From here:
The Conservative Party of Canada and its fundraising arm, the Conservative Fund of Canada, were fined $52,000 after pleading guilty to exceeding national advertising spending limits and improperly reporting the expenses incurred through a sophisticated “in-and-out” scheme.

Under it, Harper’s party shifted national advertising money, through wire transfers into and immediately out of local riding campaign accounts, in order to claim national ad spending as local. In the words of national campaign director Doug Finley, it would “run a major slam dunk” over competitors in the final weeks of the campaign.
You are a party of criminals that obfuscate constantly to evade public scrutiny and accountability.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Janet...... what do you really think?

Beijing York said...

Hear, hear, hear! And the timid media is afraid to take them to task.

Anonymous said...

But we have remembrance day to spend all our media time on! Patriotic, romantic wars! And if not that, the story of a private, American corporation that didn't get permission from the American government to build its pipeline in the United States of America. Waaaay more important than Canadian just-whatever and democra-something.

Anonymous said...

They are only "guilty" in your eyes because they are Conservatives. Other parties were also doing it. The technique, in fact, was invented by the Bloc. Yet it only became an issue when the CPC did it.

While it may make sense to close off this loophole, the manner in which Elections Canada hounded the CPC is disgraceful. Mayrand should be sacked.

deBeauxOs said...

*Hounded* the CPC?

Anonymous Con Job, laws were broken and crimes were committed - by the Contempt party.

My eyes have nothing to do with it.

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