Wednesday, 8 February 2012

How Fucked Is the Liberal Party?

This fucked.
Some federal Liberals fear single-issue pro-lifers are trying to hijack their weakened party.

Their fears have been stoked by the apparent re-emergence of a group calling itself Liberals for Life, which is promoting Trifon Haitas's bid to represent the party in a March 19 by-election in Toronto-Danforth.

The nomination meeting is tomorrow, so sane Libs don't have a lot of time to counter this move. If Haitas is well-organized and brings a lot of his Fetus Lobby friends, it could be a romp for the NDP and a huge black eye for the Elite Party of Canada.

Those fetus fetishists manage to screw everything up, don't they?


Pseudz said...

Deride and conquer, Fern Hill.

Niles said...

That's Jack Layton's riding. If the NDP don't take that riding, the entire voting NDP population was poisoned the night before.

I'll wait to see who wins the Liberal party nomination. The article seems a bit into ginning up 'omygodlibruls!' silliness. If he wants to run for the candidacy nomination more power to him muster the necessities. Also, considering he apparently ran for the Green Party previously, I'd say all parties are in danger if fetus fetishists can muster the 'friends' to take nominations.

If a progressive riding like that has anything to do with a fetus fetishist in any party, we've got bigger problems.

ck said...

I wouldn't worry too much about that Trifon Haitas, I don't see him even getting the nomination, let alone win the seat in T-D. I read that article in the G & M and something tells me that if push comes to shove, Bob Rae will appoint the other one, Grant Gordon. But that's a double edged sword, given many don't like when the leader appoints candidates, as we've seen in the past.

I took a look at who and what partys had T-D in the past. Only one Liberal held it for over a decade just before Jack Layton took it. Before that Liberal, Dennis Mills took it in 1988, the riding was NDP from 1979. I think the memory of Jack Layton will likely prevail here and it will stay NDP.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time Bob Rae (the nominally NDP version) was MP for T-D.

Dennis Mills was openly socially conservative. However, I suspect he got votes in spite of this fact. He could often be spotted roaming about the riding; his constituency office was on Danforth, just east of Broadview. People knew him. Incumbency matters.

It is perplexing that the Liberals don't seem to be taking this by-election seriously.


Niles said...

If the fundraising letter sent out the same day as the newspaper article means anything, they're taking the riding seriously alright. They want to push on it.

Like I said, anyone can run in the nomination race if they can fill out the riding necessities. Like it or not however, there are many and subtle ways in every party to see who succeeds to a riding nomination. Although, I must admit, Rob Anders has a lock on the championship in the sport.

I still sent off letters to the national party level to say good luck with the fundraising from women if men like this waltz in expecting to take 'weak' ridings.

ck said...

Anonymous, Jack Layton took the riding from Mills and he was pro-choice. Had he lived, he probably would've kept the seat for many years to come.

I still believe that the NDP will retain the seat.

Anonymous said...

@ck Mills defeated NDP incumbent Lynn McDonald. And Jack didn't defeat Mills first time out, despite running a very strong campaign.

The NDP will win the by-election handily because the team is strong, Jack's legacy, and weak competition.


Niles said...


Fetus Fetishists 0; Sanity 1. Grant Gordon, with bonus points for working in the environmental sector.

All nominees for the riding in question are to be found here:

Toronto Danforth candidates

That said, I still think the NDP will eat every other candidate's lunch in the riding.

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