Thursday 9 February 2012

The 'Every Sperm Is Sacred' Amendment

In Oklahoma, where legislators have been glorying in an orgy of anti-abortion bills and laws, one senator added a mocking amendment.
Anti-abortion lawmakers vowed Wednesday to continue pushing for tighter restrictions in Oklahoma as hundreds of advocates flooded the halls of the state Capitol as part of a rally to urge lawmakers to pass more anti-abortion laws.

But one Democrat, in a seeming attempt to fight the measure, added an amendment to the bill stating that “every sperm is sacred,” according to Think Progress.

State Sen. Constance Johnson, D-Oklahoma City, added language which states that masturbation and sex acts other than vaginal intercourse could be considered detrimental to unborn children as abortion.

The Oklahoma bill is, of course, part of the 'personhood' movement, an attempt to confer rights on fetuses that would effectively render women third-class citizens, after menz and baybeez. Not to mention probably outlaw IUDs, hormonal birth control, emergency contraception, and in vitro techniques.

Which is where we're going here in Canada if Stephen Woodworth is successful with his private member's motion to create a Parliamentary committee to examine when 'life begins' and thus, when a fetus has rights in competition with the incubator's, er, woman's.

Some of the boyos are all revved by this opportunity to discuss the weighty matter of when life begins. Here's a classic mansplanation on the subject, kindly supplied to me yesterday in a Twitter spat.

While sane people understand that biological life is completely irrelevant to legal personhood, that fact won't deter Woodworth's sneaky back-door attempt to muddy definitions of 'human' and 'person' and get that feverishly wished-for debate going.

We sane people will not let that happen.

We at DJ! suggest that all 'personhood' legislation be called ESIS bills. Because that's what their proponents believe.

Here's their hymn.

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