Friday, 16 December 2011

What's the opposite of having an abortion, Fetus Lobby?

Previously on DAMMIT JANET! the world of girls' beauty pageants collided with the parallel universe of Fetus Lobby, here.

Now we have this:
Katie, mother of competitors Bob and Riley (6 and 5, respectively), who is best summed up by this quote: “When I was pregnant and I found out I was having a boy, I was quite upset because I actually had the children so that we could do the pageants.”
This mendacious justification for breeding is to pro-choice folks what Sarah Palin's consideration of abortion as an option may be to zygote zealots and fetus fetishists.


fern hill said...

Woo. That quote is breathtaking.

I say again: And the Fetus Lobby calls us sane people 'selfish'.

sassy said...

My heart goes out to those children who were bred to enter pageants. Somewhere along the line .....

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