Saturday, 17 December 2011

Poor Tim Tebow

Poor Tim Tebow. First, the sane people mocked his on-field sanctimony.

Now they're using his success as a fundraiser for pro-choice organizations.

Abortion Gang started it.
A few years back, the-best-person-and-football-player-on-the-planet, Tim Tebow, the savior from The University of Florida, Heisman Trophy winner, 2010 number 25 draft pick, and now savior quarterback for the Denver Broncos, made a commercial. That in and of itself isn’t that surprising, pro-athletes make commercials for all sorts of reasons. Except he wasn’t selling football gear, he was selling anti-choice propaganda. In his commercial (funded by Focus on the Family) he reminded everyone that his mother was a missionary whose life was threatened by her pregnancy – or more specifically, the pregnancy that would turn into the child who would become the man who would become Tim Tebow.

You know, because every abortion eliminates a talented football player. Or Albert Einstein. Or something.

Here's the call:
So here is my solution, and if you’re a sports fan that also thinks women should be able to do what they want, when they want, and how they want it with their uteri, you can join in this too. For every touchdown Tebow throws next week (when the Broncos play against another famous QB, Tom Brady) , donate $5 or $10 to your local pro-choice organization. If the Broncos make the playoffs (I haven’t checked if that’s even a possibility at this point), I plan to continue the pledge.

I figure this is indeed the best way to enjoy football, support Tim Tebow (more touchdowns, mannn!!!), and give , give, give to pro-choice organizations earning little to no glory, yet desperately in need of funds.

(Yes, some of us feminazis *ahem* are sports fans.)

It's all over the place. Gone 'viral'? Who knows? Pro-choice bloggers are on it.

No word on how much money the 10 For Tebow project will raise; Tebow's only scored 10 touchdowns so far this season. Maybe more money would be raised for pro-choice causes if we all agreed to donate $10 every time Tebow strikes his famous pose. On second thought, scratch that. We'd all go broke.

When the Fetus Lobby clued in today, Big Nurse Jill Stanek's blog, or as JJ styled it,
Stanek's Floating Fetus Amniotic Juice Bar & Mobile Marine Tuneup, is quivering with a gleeful call to Twitter War!
So pro-lifers unite! Let’s take over the #10forTebow hashtag – beginning today! Use that hashtag for all your tweets. And watch the Broncos/Patriots tomorrow, December 18, at 4:15p EST and note your $10 donation at #10forTebow!

Fetus Lobbyists are whooping it up! They're WINNING!

But no! The sane people are fighting back. Someone has scored the @10forTebow handle and promises a 10fortebow website coming soon.

UPDATE: Now on the #10fortebow twitter stream, suggestions are being made for pro-choice donations. Here are some Canadian outfits. Planned Parenthood Ottawa, defunded -- along with a bunch of other women's groups -- by newly neo-con United Way. Or Planned Parenthood New Brunswick, aka Kansas of the North. List of PPs across Canada here. Not surprisingly, there isn't one in PEI. Pro-choicers there are just now getting their shit together. If someone knows of a group, add it to comments and I'll put it up here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links fern-

I'm in, $10/Tebow 6 pointer.

And, I'll double up for every time the Mile High Messiah gets sacked.

And Goddess forbid, if the location of the manger in the Phillipines where the annointed one was apparently un-aborted I'll bronco up large.


The Pedgehog said...

I suggest the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (, Canadians for Choice ( or Canadian Federation for Sexual Health (

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