Thursday, 15 December 2011

Peter "I'm Entitled to My Entitlements" MacKay

Yesterday on Twitter two of the sharpest political observers called the current run of CPC-engineered *media declarations* what it is: PR tactics deliberately launched to change the channel and divert the public focus away from the lying Con liar Peter MacKay and his lies in the House of Commons.

Well. It looks as though the 1500 or so propaganda flunkies appointed by PMSHithead's Politburo will be working overtime at Xmas, spinning fake news stories to distract attention away from this:
According to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, hotel bills show that Peter MacKay spent $1,452 a night for two nights at a top-end Munich hotel, and $770 a night for three nights in Istanbul, The Canadian Press reports. His staff reportedly had rooms at the same Munich hotel for $276 a night during February of 2010 after a NATO meeting in Turkey.
Meretricious and profligate with our taxes, those Cons are.

Bruce Carson, anyone?

Addendum: Kady O'Malley's post on this.

Grand merci to Joel Duff and Ian Capstick, for their ongoing media vigilence.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't the secretive CTF supposed to be tight with the Cons? (Jason Kenney used to be the head of the organization)

So why are they doing this, and who is benefiting?

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