Friday, 16 December 2011

Campaign Research = proudly fabricating nasty s**t for Cons.

I read this Toronto Star piece from Noah Richler about the Contempt Party candidates' connection with Campaign Research and its CEO Nick Kouvalis.
[...]the dubious pollster hit the big time by making a specialty of small lies with our present abundance of overly comfortable politicians who will resort to just about anything in their majority glee. This Tory axis, partying over summer barbecues in Rob Ford’s backyard, is such a collection of bullies that moral indignation just won’t do. How could it, when Jason Kenney, never resisting the chance to rally the mob, will always supersede it?
Doesn't Kouvalis seem to embody the very kind of lampoonish caricature that Sacha Baron Cohen should add to his rogues' gallery?

Unfortunately he's a real backroom bully egging the other Con bullies on, and laughing all the way to the bank.

Addendum: This is what Harper's reformaTory government is doing.

Meanwhile, Chantal Hébert scolds the media for failing to scrutinize Layton's health. Say ... Chantal - perhaps it's more urgent to examine the mental health issues of the sociopath currently running our country rather than poring over Jack's death certificate?

ADDED by fh: Go read Alison at Creekside. Now. Disgusting but unsurprising.


Beijing York said...

Ironically, if you want to hear from the other Canada, the former Canada, the one so much admired by the world, you should (and still can) listen to last Sunday’s interview on CBC radio’s Sunday Edition between host Michael Enright and Iceland’s President, Olafur Grimmson. There, in Mr. Grimmson, was the voice of humanity, thoughtfulness, pragmatism and commonsense. He is the perfect Canadian and would make the perfect Canadian prime minister. No wonder the masterminds of Harperland want to disappear the CBC.


deBeauxOs said...

Well, the Harperland goons and thugs may believe they are *masterminds* but they're basically arrogant, bullying dickheads.

sassy said...

@BY - it was indeed a very informative interview

Sunday Edition. The interview with President Grimmson begins around the 10:30 mark.

double nickel said...

Chantal has been loonier than ever lately.

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