Tuesday, 15 November 2011

*Low road* all in eye of beholder.

Yesterday on SunTV the ever-petulant cross-dressing amateur journalist Ezrant Levant attacked with his habitual subtlety the US president Barack Obama for putting the Keystone XL pipeline project on ice.

The *Ethical Tar Sands* promoter was soundly spanked by greater minds and defended by the usual suspects.

As I said on Twitter, the *low road* we travel - when mocking the lies and ignorance of Con jobs and other rightwing batshit crazies - does not approach the vile trash-and-slash tactic used by the Contempt party and its accolytes.

The pic was borrowed from Buckdog's blog.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait until next Tuesday when they get booted so high up the channel listings no chance I'll land on them. And - aren't they engaged in the longest 'free preview' in the history of TV?


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