Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Cons and new Canadian animal emblem.

If the Contempt Party is seriously considering a new animal emblem for Canada then the zebra mussel is the only choice.

First, it is a mollusk - an invertebrate - as most of PMSHithead's MPs are.

It's invasive and parasitic; we've noted this behaviour was consistently present in Con candidates during the last federal election.

They're prolific breeders that gobble up more than their share of the food available. They crowd out other life forms, they're toxic and they carry a wide range of bacteria and infectious diseases.

They colonize areas where native aquatic species live and deprive them of oxygen. They radically change the environment.

In conclusion, zebra mussels behave exactly like Conservatives.


Alison said...

You make a pretty strong case, dBOs, but I'm gonna have to go with the Atlantic hagfish.

"The Atlantic hagfish has been called the nastiest and most disgusting creature in the sea. Its body is covered with special glands that can emit a sticky slime. In fact, a single hagfish can produce enough slime at one time to fill a milk jug. Hagfish slime is different that any other natural slime secretion in that it is reinforced with tiny fibers. These fibers make the slime strong and difficult to remove. The hagfish has a trick for escaping its own slime cocoon. Believe it or not, this animal can tie itself in a knot and then pass the knot down the length of its body to wipe the slime away.
Hagfish have a partial skull but no vertebrae.
A hagfish begins its feeding process by attaching itself to a passing fish. Once firmly attached, it then bores its way inside its unsuspecting host. Once inside, the hagfish will actually eat the fish's flesh with a specialized rasping tongue. It literally eats its victim from the inside out.
Newly hatched young are nearly perfect miniatures of their parents."

Hagfish slime vid

deBeauxOs said...

Yup. The Atlantic hagfish gets my vote as the animal most emblematic of Harper Conservatives.

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