Monday, 28 November 2011

"General Mishmash" sez Ezrant - oh noes!

There you go, Canadian journalists.

Consider yourselves MASSIVELY rebuked and chastized by none other than StunTV's Ezra Levant (aka Dame Ezra for his cross-dressing proclivities).

Ezrant seems to believe his own shrieeeking performances and divertissements for Quebecor's Sun media RWNJ are above reproach - though it would seem that it's a matter of public record that most of his claims and statements do not meet the veracity standards of rigorous journalism nor, interestingly enough since he appears to sport some law degree of sorts, those of the court.

But they are exemplary of the manner in which RWNJs present truthiness.

Responses to Ezrant's fictional orientation and diversions can be found here and here.

Update: Susan Delacourt's account of the panel attended by Levant. Kady O'Malley's.

Canadian Cynic observes.


JJ said...

Heh. I like how he's all over her with the "inaccurate quote" thing, but hasn't responded to her reply about RTing the correct one.

People are so full of bullshit sometimes...

double nickel said...

I hear Quebecor is laying off 400 before Christmas. I hope one of them is Ezra

deBeauxOs said...

I heard Ezra works for peanuts so he may not be one of the Chosen Many that Pierre-Karl will banish from his magic kingdom.

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