Sunday 27 November 2011

The *Ethical* tarsands performance piece.

New *ethical* tarsands spokesthingy Kathryn Marshall is a woman with astonishing artistic aspirations.

Last week she staged a performance piece in the vicinity of the US embassy in Ottawa.

Sun Media was there to interview her.

I was surprised how gentle the reporter was - when his Sun Infotainment colleague Krista Erikson spoke to Margie Gillies, she savaged the award-winning performer.

Wait. I'm confused. The reporter seemed to believe this was a demonstration .... where were the protesters?

There was a paid mouth and 3 actors paid to dress up in niqabs. That's an engineered publicity stunt, right? It's a marketing technique that decades of advertising companies have set up to promote their product.

So Kathryn Marshall is Mr Peanut, essentially.


ck said...

Ah Kathryn Marshall--never ceases to entertain. Just recently, she started going on an "it's the end of the world" meme after Mayor Greg won another mandate in Vancouver. She basically said that folks will start growing corn and raising sheep in their backyards now. Also whining about the potential banning of "non-organic street meat"--her words. Maybe that "non-organic street meat" she seems to like eating is cooked in that "ethical oil"??

bazie said...

I have to admit, just from the perspective of the effectiveness of a piece of political rhetoric, the entire "ethical oil" construct is really quite intelligent (to whatever extent the Ezra Levant could be said to be intelligent). It manages to paint one of the dirtiest forms of oil on the planet as somehow the GOOD choice. I don't know how well it will work with either the Canadian or international public, but it is probably the best rhetorical framing imaginable for them to try and use.

Jim Parrett said...

Kathryn Marshall - HuffPost's new featured writer.

Dr.Dawg said...

WTF is "non-organic street meat?" I shudder to guess.

Námo Mandos said...


Niles said...

Dr. D: Aside from Vancouver's criminal human trafficking, I think she's just Althousing about the dirtyfutteringhippies owning city hall enough, they'll immediately start regulating pleasure out of everything, (because conservatives are ALL-ABOUT-NOT-REGULATING-PLEASURE) including the menus of the trendy streetside mobile food vendors downtown.

Dogs and cats living together in licensed unions!! Elf potion needing to be made by elves from elves!! Flying Spaghetti Monster services forced on anyone wearing a cross!! All flags banned except the rainbow one!! Wool and linen fibres mixed together!!

Can I haz a column too?

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