Friday, 25 November 2011

Contempt Party attacks against CBC have a purpose.

Quebecor CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau announces the Sun News Network at a press conference on June 15, 2010.

It should come as no surprise that ConJob MPty suits are biddable lackeys for Quebecor.

Pierre-Karl Péladeau is following the corporate model Rupert Murdoch so ruthlessly and successfully exploited in the UK: make sure that rightwing politicians silence your competition, or at the very least, any criticism of the way you run your business.
Conservative MPs are expressing concern about the CBC and its reluctance to release its corporate secrets under access-to-information laws – but the government itself has something to answer for on this issue, a leading democracy advocate says.

Duff Conacher, the co-ordinator of Democracy Watch, points out that the Conservatives have failed to keep their campaign promise of 2006 to strengthen the Access to Information Act. [...]

Meanwhile, reporters and others with an interest in obtaining information about government initiatives continue to be stymied by long delays, high search fees, blacked-out documents and outright refusals – including, apparently, Quebecor in its quest for information about the CBC.
Interestingly enough, Radio-Canada has been able to successfully expose Quebecor machinations. Journalists who have been told to change the content of their factual reporting to suit Péladeau's editorial whims and ideological bent have spoken publicly about these practices.

How can the public find out what financial considerations and rewards ConJob party members are receiving in their war against the CBC? And ... from whom?

More from Chantal Hébert though she overlooks fact that Cons are supporting concerted attack against CBC.


fern hill said...

Several people on Twitter have suggested that the CBC release details on how much taxpayer money is paid to RWNJ blowhard goon, Don Cherry. Stand back for the butbutbutbutbut that's DIFFERENT!!!

I'd love it if the CBC did just that. *evulgrin*

Anonymous said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures, one supposes ...earlier this week the cable company punted S(t)UN-T(in' T)V so far up the dial that only those immune to nosebleeds are likely to stumble upon their cast of losers & their nasty antics. In January 2012 the free preview finally ends. Let's see how many people actually choose to pay for this crap.


Niles said...

"MPty suits".

Is that yours? That's seriously a joy and beauty in its brevity and depth of layers.

If the CBC is damned if they do and damned if they don't, they might as well go out as fighting journalists who can talk to the young (thank you Doonesbury Rev). There's *some* hope that way that people might become informed on what's happening in and to this country under Harper's regime.

If the Ceeb lays quietly, trying to 'keep sweet', they're going to get kicked to death anyway, because Harper and Co. are telling everyone, in all-caps, they're going to kill the CBC. Pretty much like the rest of everything that pins Canada together.

Niles said...

I amend my statement "people might become informed on what's happening in and to this country".

"the people in this country that aren't connected by rabblerousing social media might become informed..."

There are a lot of blissful ducks out there unaware they elected someone promising beaver dam deepwater forever but the pond is now being drained for a parking lot.

deBeauxOs said...

*MPty suits* - That is indeed mine. Every once in a while I get a good one. Pope Maledict is another original mint coin expression from moi.

Beijing York said...

MPty suits is brilliant.

I hope the CBC fights these ar*eholes every inch because they're tactic of playing sweet has earned them squat.

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