Saturday, 26 November 2011

Another one bites the dust.

My co-blogger fern hill apologises in advance to Manitoba. So do I, in agreement with her urging Fetus lobbyist and Con Job MP Rod Bruinooge to run for the leadership of that province's reformaTory party.

We need to have 13 Contempt Party MPs vacate their seats so that by-elections can be held. Harper's government must go down to defeat in the House of Commons and we can do it, one riding at a time.

Remember, little more than 6,000 votes in 13 ridings allowed the Cons to secure the regime Stevie demanded.

And, the total number of votes received by the reformaTories was 38% of those cast by 61% of the electorate.

Yeah, Freddie. You may have died 20 years ago, but you keep inspiring us.


Anonymous said...

Harper's war mongering is because of, the way the other country's abuse their citizens, so he willingly bombs Syria.

Perhaps some country will bomb Canada, for the way Harper treats our First Nations People.

They live in utter poverty, worse than any third world people live in. Harper in fact, treats the lower income people very badly as well. They are just parasites to him.

The F.N. People in Ontario, had called a state of emergency. Harper and his Conservatives, completely ignored these destitute people. These citizens live in the North. The winter's are extremely cold. They are living in tents. Most of the houses should be condemned. No running water, no heat, no electricity, no flush toilets, showers, no bathtubs. The suicide rate among their young people, is heartbreaking. The F.N. People live with no hope.

They are accused of being drunks and other substance abusers. These people were forced into residential schools. They were not allowed to speak their language, their culture and beliefs forbidden. They were beat, raped and murdered. I would drink too, anything to get away from their terrible abused past lives.

Harper should be forced to resign. He is wasting billions on his own selfish goals. His stupid wars, jets, ships, armored vehicles, a stupid fake lake. And wasting billions on his Stalags, even though the crime rate is down. Harper and his Conservatives, thieve our tax dollars at their will, their government expenses are obscene.

Every child in Canada needs a proper school. No child in Canada, should go to school so hungry, they can't even focus on their lessons. That's what Harper's good buddy Campbell did. He thieved this province and the people blind, while stuffing his own wallet. BC still has over 141.000 children living in poverty.

Many F.N. kids don't even know what a proper school is. They have to keep their winter jackets on to keep warm.

These people need decent warm homes. They need decent schools, with gyms for, basketball, volleyball, and even music lessons. The gyms could even double as a community center, for the people to meet and socialize. These kids should have, ball diamonds, soccer fields, and sports equipment. They can have tournaments, with other schools. The young, must be encouraged to go to Trade Schools and University.

We take all of this for granted, for our kids. But, the F.N. kids do without.

Shame on Harper, thieving from the people for his own selfish goals. I say, Harper must resign. His fascism is not welcome to Canadians. We went to war to prevent fascism and dictatorship.

deBeauxOs said...

Go have a look at my co-blogger's post. She addresses some of your concerns here.

double nickel said...

If hell were to freeze over and Bruinooge were to become the Con leader in Manitoba, the current NDP gov't would be set for majority rule for another 40 years. Easily.

Beijing York said...

Was just going to say what double nickel mentioned. Bruinooge would be a double bonus win for most Manitobans. I love the plan.

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