Thursday, 5 May 2011

6,201 voters for Contempt Party

in 14 ridings allowed the Cons to secure the majority regime Harper demanded.

Read Alison at
Creekside: Canada Votes 2011 - Margin of Victory and weep.

Complete results

An update indicates that a simple recount has found the NDP candidate ahead by 5 votes in the Montmagny-L'islet-Kamouraska-Rivière-du-Loup riding in the province of Quebec. A judicial recount will determine the final winner.


fern hill said...

Hmm. According to Lead Now more than 6,000 people have already sent SHithead a 'We are the majority' letter.

Alison said...

Arghhh. Post update : 5 of those 14 closely contested Con ridings also boasted some of the lowest voter turnouts in the country.

Tah for the link btw. Much appreciated.

ck said...

There are also 2 other judicial recounts in Ontario where Harpercons risk losing their seats. One in Nipissing-Temiscamingue, where the Con beat the Lib by only 14 votes and the other in Etobicoke-Center where Con, Ted Opitz only won by a mere 25 votes.

Possibly a fourth one, but doesn't involve a con. Winnipeg North. Looks like NDP Rebecca Blaikie will be asking for a recount there as she only lost to Lamoureux by about 45 votes.

Who knows what else may come up?

Anonymous said...

Yeah being a resident in that extremely close and undecided, and lamentably poorly represented riding makes this whole decision harder to swallow....easier accomplished with 'wine' though. :/

Anonymous said...

It's a terrible way for Canadians to live, when you have no faith or trust in your P.M. When you see your P.M. give billions of your tax dollars to wealthy corporations. When our P.M. gives those giant company's huge tax reductions, at our expense.

The billions Harper has wasted on wars, we wanted no part of. The billions wasted on jets. The billions to be spent on prisons. The billion dollar fake lake. This means, we citizens will lose services, we have been taxed through the nose for.

It doesn't matter where you go, Starbuck's, grocery store, doctors office, no one wanted Harper as P.M. There are citizens who don't believe Harper really won this election. Even the U.S. says, Harper is petty, arrogant and impossible to work with.

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