Thursday 5 May 2011

Will new Con MP be an Eve of destruction

for the Contempt Party and hopefully, its leader's downfall?

She's photogenic, she's hard-working, she's smart and outspoken. She doesn't seem to be a fundamentalist religious zealot. Meet Eve Adams. From here:

The daughter of parents who fled communist Hungary, she recalls her early days. “My dad was a really hard-working man. He worked on a farm in Welland, then worked in the mines in Sudbury. He then worked in gas stations and restaurants before he saved up enough money to buy his own gas station.” [...]

That early life — on the move to wherever there was work, watching her mom pump gas while looking after her inside the store in places like Minnow Lake, Simcoe and Stoney Creek — burned into Adams a strong work ethic, she says. Eventually, she handled some of the gas pumping herself.

That work ethic is obvious to anyone who’s watched her prepare for a council meeting. [...] Though one of the less combative councillors, Adams, 37, often stood up to powerful Mayor Hazel McCallion, particularly when it came to the judicial inquiry looking into alleged use of undue influence.

Will she let Contempt leader muzzle her, as he has done to others?

I'm betting that when she gets a close look at influence-peddling scams rampant in the PMOpolitburo Adams will have second thoughts. And the unrelenting, odious Con gynophobia will make her cross the floor like Belinda Stronach did. If so, expect Stevie to use dirty tricks destroy her, like he did with Helena Guergis. But I don't see Adams crying on camera and talking to journalists in a little-girl-punished-by-Daddy whisper.

She's a fighter and she will push back.


ck said...

It's probably the first time Ms Adams will see a 6-figure paychecque, all the perks that go with being an MP, etc. She'll change her mind in no time.

Like with any Harpercon, Steve and those brats like Soudas will break her character.

Plus, since she's new, Steve's micromanaging and paranoia and distrust for all will keep her in the dark for a very long time. So, I don't see her getting her hands on any of the dirty secrets. She'll probably be a backbencher if she is seen as that outspoken.

But you're right, she won't go on tv breaking in tears and parading a baby in front of tv cameras for all to ooh and gawk at.

deBeauxOs said...

You have an excellent point. Stronach had nothing to lose, if she blew off the Cons.

fern hill said...

Ooo. She has HAIR. Look for her sitting and nodding right behind PM SHithead.

Niles said...

We can *hope* some of the people getting in for the Conservatives will not be drinking all the koolaid, especially the women, but did she show up at debates? Was her campaign any different than the others? Was she carefully picked at the riding meetings? She had to be approved by Conservative central after all to get the nomination.

Prentice was supposed to have principles when the 'conservative' parties merged. The one thing he did before sinking away into the zombie swamp was vote in favour of equal marriage and I thanked him for that, but the theocons in the city actually went door to door leaving nasty cards about his betrayal.

An event after that, a friend in the riding left a protest over a decision made in the House and actually had Prentice's MP office worker answering the phone *argue* accusingly with her over it. She had to repeatedly tell them she was a resident and wasn't contacting her MP to be rejected by a subordinate. She's convinced to this day whoever it was didn't even bother registering the call, so she emailed the MP instead *and* included a protest about the worker as well. Never heard anything back of course.

I'm cynical but the Conservatives prove repeatedly women are not genetically inclined to be more progressive than men, they simply have more opportunities to experience how harsh a society can be outside the privileged Chosen. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see that motivating some to make sure, not to change the system towards greater inclusion, but ensure their own personal security inside the present one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah - this is a match to watch:)

Beijing York said...

Niles, we only have to peek at the US to see that some women politicians are women's worst enemies.

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