Thursday, 15 September 2011

Works for me. . .

From Joe. My. God.:
If you know the name Father Frank Pavone, it's probably from when he infested our television screens every night as the "spiritual adviser" and "Godly spokesman" for the comatose Terry Shiavo. Following that bit of limelight hogging, Pavone recast himself as the nation's most virulent Catholic in the battle against abortion rights, often appearing shoulder-to-shoulder with the murderous loons of Operation Rescue. (Pavone is "credited" by some for the idea of waving placards featuring bloody dismembered fetuses.)

Pavone is now the national director for Priests For Life, an anti-abortion group with a reported annual donation base in excess of ten million dollars. And whoopsie, his bishop just suspended him for (among other things) suspected financial "mismanagement" of those millions.

This story broke a few days ago and I've been amusing myself twitting the twits who are defending him, thus:
What a relief! Anti-choice priest goes down for $$ foolery. #MakesAChangeFromChildRape #prochoice

At LifeShite all the usual suspects are issuing statements of support.

Some groups are going further.
The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform* recently announced that the group will be picketing “Catholic facilities and activities in the Diocese of Amarillo, Texas.” The anti-abortion group wants to force Bishop Patrick Zurek to allow Father Frank Pavone “to resume full-time anti-abortion ministry.” Zurek recently suspended Priests for Life leader Frank Pavone for “concerns about financial improprieties.”

Hee. Nutbars protesting nutbars. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine. And leave women and abortion providers alone. At least for a while.

*the abortion = genocide/holocaust gang


JJ said...

This is so full of WIN!!! I hardly know what to say. So I'll just leave it at...


deBeauxOs said...

Previous fh posts about alleged embezzler Pavone at DAMMIT JANET!

Anonymous said...

When they're not screwing little boys, they're screwing each other.

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