Monday, 26 September 2011

Why so few women report sexual assault.

CBC News has obtained a copy of the statement of claim filed by Laurie Massicotte in the Superior Court of Justice on Friday for damages, including pain, suffering and emotional and mental distress stemming from her assault by Williams in September 2009.

Massicotte was Williams's second victim and has accused the Ontario Provincial Police of failing to protect her and give her enough information about a previous sexual assault in the town of Tweed.[...]

In the document, Massicotte describes being beaten, tied up at the wrists and blindfolded by Williams, who then sexually assaulted her and took several photographs and videos of her.

About five hours later, after Williams left her home, she managed to dial 911, only to be told not to move — her hands still bound — while police teams investigated for several more hours. She alleges during this time, she was referred to over the police radio as "being crazy."
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The process of investigating and gathering the evidence that finally brought Williams to justice, was deployed at his trial and would have convinced judges or jurors of his guilt required much resources.

The political theatre currently performed by Stevie's MPty suits in support of their *Hard On Crime* omnibus bill will undermine such process. It appears from the severity of the punishments assigned, that Cons believe pot growers are the most dangerous criminals.

But ^NOT the predators who sexually assault children, youth and women.

More about the omnibus crime bill from Dan Gardner here and here

Basically, this is the rationalization that turns the Cons' crank: The mega-prison complexes will be built and run by private business interests. In order for the Cons' cronies to be able to turn a profit, the prisons have to be filled to the rafters with petty criminals. Resources allocated to the investigation, the trials and the incarceration of pedophiles and sexual predators are expensive.

Consider how the police treated Massicotte. Who wants to be re-victimized by the police, and now, by Contemptuous politicians?

Update: More about the Cons malevolently disregarding facts about crime, here.


Anonymous said...

That was an unintelligible mess. It's like you threw a bunch of paragraphs together at random.

deBeauxOs said...

Really, Anonymous Con Supporter?

You must quite intimately familiar with *unintelligible* by now, if you've swallowed the Contempt Party's propaganda regarding the Omnibus crime bill.

Beijing York said...

Hey, I thought the Con Supporters were all over victims' rights. You'd think he/she would like this piece. Oh wait, the police had a hand in victimizing her so Massicotte going after them makes her assault meaningless.

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