Monday, 26 September 2011

In Which DJ! Wastes 33 Minutes. . .

So you don't have to.

Recently, there's been a shitload of hype around 180, a supposedly award-winning documentary showing young people changing their minds on abortion 'in seconds'. (Note: Not to be confused with 180, a Tamil/Telugu romantic drama.)

The 33-minute long (and I mean loooong) piece of crap film can now be viewed all over the toobz, including the link above and this one, HeartChanger, where you can also buy the '180 course' for the deeply discounted price of $10.99.

If you don't want to give the fetus fetishists any linky love, it's on YouTube too. (But be warned. The makers are hoping it goes 'viral', having heard that this is A Good Thing.)

If you really want to watch it, don't read any further, or you'll miss the surreality of it.

I didn't know anything about it -- beyond the fetus fetishists' whooping about how revolutionary it is -- before hitting play, so the grainy newsreel footage of Nazis threw me a bit. I mean, we know fetus fetishists love them some Nazi-genocide analogies but, like, where was this going?

No clue in the next bit either, as the documentary maker asks a bunch of young people if they know who Adolf Hitler is. (I assume they're Murrican; they sound and look like Murricans.) They're mostly stunningly ignorant. Those who venture a guess try 'a Communist?'

So, we've established the sample group out of which the 180° turners will appear -- a gang of staggeringly ignorant doofusses.

Docu-guy asks if they are pro-choice or anti-choice. Both sorts are represented.

Then he asks them to do a thought-experiment. Tells the kids they are literally under a Nazi gun and being told to drive the bulldozer that will cover a trench filled with Jews, some of whom may not be dead. Would they do it?

Most are horrified and say 'no'. Some think it over and decide that they would do it to save their own lives.

Then he establishes whether the kids believe that a fetus is a 'baby' or a 'child'. We don't get to hear from those who may have answered 'Nope'. All on film answer 'yes'.

Now the arm-twisting begins. He says to the kids who wouldn't drive the bulldozer to complete this sentence: 'It's OK to kill a baby/child in the womb when. . . .'

They're flummoxed. He prompts with 'You wouldn't bury Jews alive, but it's OK to kill a baby in the womb when. . . '

They dither. They back down. 'Well, when you put it like that. . .' several say.

Yeah, when you make a totally false equivalency for a bunch of dolts who don't know who Adolf Hitler is, well, yeah, when you put it like that. . . .

Then, incredibly, it gets weirder. He says Hitler hated the ten commandments and asks them if they've lied, stolen, blasphemed, looked at others with lust, yadayada. Not surprisingly, most have lied, stolen, etc.

(The best bit -- and I hope some techno-wiz excerpts it for YouTube -- is when he asks a young woman if she has ever lusted after a man. A: 'Nope, I'm gay'.)

Having established that they are all sinners facing hell on Judgement Day -- really, I am not making this shit up -- he gets them to reaffirm their brand-spanking-new anti-choice position. Then tells them: 'Please, never ever give your vote to someone who would support the murder of a child in the womb'. (Fetus fetishists really loooove the word 'womb', don't they?)

The documentary-maker is Ray Comfort, a New-Zealand born Christianist. (The wiki page has not been updated to include this new venture, but you'll see what he's about there.)

Creationist, liar, strawman-aficionado -- just the guy to make a piece of dreck like 180.

In the accompanying bullshit promotional stuff, he says that the making of this was an accident. He intended make a DVD accompaniment to some book he's writing about Hitler and the ten commandments.

But serendipity!!!! strikes when he gets the notion to link Nazis and abortion. (Dude, we hate to break it to you, but this little act of mental gymnastics has been done. To death.)

So, as you cruise the toobz and run into members of the #FetusLobby crowing over this 'shocking, powerful, award-winning' piece of flimflammery, now you know what got their shorts jizzed.

More of the usual lying bullcrap.

This, BTW, is the award it won.
Entries are self-nominated with approximately 11,000 submissions per year as of 2010, and the awards are judged by past award winners. There is no set limit to the number of winners each year, but the total numbers in the thousands. The statue prizes are paid for by the winners using engraved information chosen by the recipient.

Well, scamsters are the easiest to scam.

Image source.

ADDED: From noah buddy in the comments, who seems to have the measure of nutters like Ray Comfort. Operation 360's spoiler and a Russian mirror site if you really must see the whole POS, while depriving the fetus fetishists of hits.


noah buddy said...

You only know the tip of the iceberg. Many of us were aware of Ray's little venture MONTHS AHEAD, thinking they were safe.

We pretty much documented the whole thing. We even managed to obtain a copy of it before he posted on youtube and were threatened with litigation.

Details can be found at

Also, If you want to see it without "making it viral" there is a mirror that was made in Russia, out of the jurisdiction of the US. It was done to deprive as many views to Ray as Humanly possible.

fern hill said...

Thanks, noah buddy. I put your links on the blogpost. Good to see that people are keeping an eye on these lying liars.

Niles said...

Ray Comfort aka Banana Man, who showed his 'grasp' of logic when he marveled on camera at the inexplicableness of how a banana fits the grip of a human hand - ergo God. Agricultural history of domestic varietals aside, presumably zucchini growing beyond this holy stature are the work of Satan. Certainly watermelons are.

His conflations of millions of civilians tortured and murdered in WW2 with terminating pregnancies needs a lesson in his own vein.

Hand his victims, I mean interviewees, a watermelon and say this is a near term baby, do you want it terminated. Then hand them a watermelon the same size that's noxious and mouldy rotten through and say this is a baby totally incapable of surviving outside the 'womb' and its toxicity is killing the mother, do you want it terminated?

Then give them a bean, a sesame seed and a poppyseed one at a time and say what parallels these are to a pregnancy and ask the same, making it clear this is not a fully shaped baby just needing water like a sponge toy to inflate.

But that would be too factual for him when he's already editing the crap out of anything that might sound pro-choice.

He could always show them the punishment awaiting women who abort their 'children' aka "Three Womben and a Baby in Catholic Hell Waiting for Goddidiot" Of course he wouldn't get royalties from that because it's competitors in the 'terrify young women into obeying you' field.

We aren't even getting started with his snotty implication of turpitude in Shoa/prison camp survivors forced to abuse other prisoners by their captors.

Beijing York said...

Niles, the watermelon test is something else. I say that as a woman who earlier cleaned the fridge because something smelled really nasty :-)

Wiki seems to have removed the Telly Award page (or perhaps the authors did) that you linked to fern.

fern hill said...

BY: My bad on the Wiki link, missing a quotation mark. It's still there.

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