Friday, 9 September 2011

'Pretty Toddler' - UPDATED

My head exploded this morning and what's a blog for if not to share such happy events?

To watchers of fetus fetishists, it's pretty damn clear that it's not about the baybeez, it's about the wimmin (George Carlin fix) and the sex.

So what to make of this twisty-brainy thing?
The controversial 'Pretty Woman' prostitute costume worn by a 3-year-old in TLC's popular reality TV show 'Toddlers & Tiaras' is being auctioned off, according to the child's mother, Wendy Dickey.

She told E! News that the outfit her daughter Paisley Dickey wore during the Queen of Hearts pageant is being sold because of the uproar it caused, with all proceeds from the sale to go to Georgia Right to Life, an anti-abortion group.

Dickey was slammed by parents who felt the costume was not appropriate for a toddler to wear.

She told E! she came up with the idea for Paisley to wear the dress after she learned there would be a celebrity wear portion of the Queen of Hearts competition.

“ I thought of my favorite actress ever, Julia Roberts,” Dickey said. “I was trying to figure out which characters she could be, so I wanted 'Pretty Woman.' Nothing too revealing, but hysterically funny!”

The uproar was somewhat cooled by having the kid also appear in the polka-dot 'good girl' dress from the film.

Man. Some life. From hooker to good girl before she's 4. What's she got left to do?

The take-away: any parent who would sexualize her own child for profit (presumably) might as well go whole hog and turn the kid into a hookeresque caricature.

And even the proceeds going to charity I guess makes a strange kind of sense. (You know, not completely whorish.)

But a freaking anti-choice charity?????

After a quick Google, I found a bunch of anti-sexual abuse organizations, including this one, RAINN, Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network. I bet there are tons more good ones.

When I tweeted about this this morning, a pal replied with the hashtag #civilizationisdoomed.

Which about sums it up.

Here's a video if you have the stomach for it.

(Apologies to deBeauxOs whose corner this usually is: viz here and here.)

UPDATE: Mumsie's selection of charity maybe explained.

UPPITY-DATE: Georgia Right to Life has declined the offer.


deBeauxOs said...

It's a big corner, fern hill. A word of caution: Watch out for those US mothers who pimp their daughers - they're dangerous.

Dark Daughta said...

Puking. As a mother but also as a human being. We are doomed as a species and should rot. More disgusted puking.

thebanana said...

Looks like good old fashioned child abuse to me. i wonder why it's tolerated? Must be a white folks thing.

deBeauxOs said...

Hey, Dark Daughta!

Could you enlighten me about something I've noted in my superficial observation of this kiddie pageant phenom.

It appears to me that this business is dominated by .... ahem, Caucasian debris (aka white trash). Would that be a correct impression?

Dr.Dawg said...

Good grief, I can't believe my eyes. Sick-making, on so many levels.

The same folks who cheer executions, I guess. Silicon-based life forms who vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

A friend forced me to watch part of an episode during a recent visit..they were waxing the eyebrows off a screaming toddler. It was vile.

And yes - the pimp/parents were all Darwin's waiting room types.


Niles said...

I'd have to say they're certainly parents who have already been intravenously fed the program on proper christian role models for gender. I think a lot of mothers caught in the conservative believer arenas are still stepford wife trained into being their daughter's pimps. When they're hammered at day in and day out how a woman should behave, it's not very surprising.

I easily suspect the mother saw the Pretty Woman costumes as nothing more than doll costuming. After all, it's not like julia robert's role had sex with anyone *before* corporate prince Gere came along. (the film really bowdlerized that implication) That's what daughters are supposed to be aren't they? Innocent whores?

Given how early the cadre that would support Georgia forced pregnancy charities start with these girls, is it any wonder little girls head for home/church approved femmy toys and dress them up as yet another generation of beauty dolls?

And then there's the money and celebrity to be had through an acceptable outlet for the mothers. But I've touched on that before. These are children being put to work as performing animals because they can make income for the family despite child labour laws. (Not to mention the Southern states are leading the charge on getting rid of those pesky statutes)

Take the advantageous prizes out of it at any age level and watch contestants not show up and not agonize over having things just as the judging societies HAVE RULED THEY MUST BE. Who are the judging societies determining how things must go?

We have one answer running the show in Ms Fern's article here. Religious Christians, using human female livestock's beauty to sell their agenda, no less than any other marketed product.

Niles said...

PS: Also, too. "so you think you can dance" and its clone shows. Yes, the young dancers/singers are talented but has anyone noticed the most commonly heard feedback from the judges after performances are (paraphrased) "wow, you can dance/sing" to the guys and "you're sooooo beautiful" to the gals? What message is being sent out there? I wouldn't doubt for a second the parents in the juvenile contests are hoping for a shot at similar things when the kids are older. It's just more patent when the kids are that young.

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