Thursday, 8 September 2011

Faux-secularism and Christian Talibans

In the wake of Contempt Party leader SHithead's odious fear-mongering about *Islamicist terrism*, reaction to the Republican ParTea's ersatz debate last evening is note worthy.

Mona Eltahawy observed on Twitter that the Christian zealots chasing the Republican ParTea nomination for US president were as overtly religiously fanatic as any member of the Muslim Brotherhood she has interviewed.

Check out the responses on Twitter; the hashtag is #Tebate

Meanwhile, over in ostensibly secular France which has taken extreme legal measures to ban public wearing of the niqab and burqa, politician and career bureaucrat Marie-Luce Penchard displays her religious allegiance - a talisman against those errant European Islamophobes who assume that all brown-skinned folks are Ay-rab immigrants.

Some last words to chew over the next days of glurge and mawkishness - with the exception of the brilliant Radio-Canada series Portraits du 11 septembre, here.
The 10th anniversary of [September 11] should be a time for reflection on how we can build a more inclusive society to end extremism,” NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar [...] “Let’s all guard against knee-jerk demonizing and overheated rhetoric.”
Added: Antonia Zerbesias' brilliant observation that more Canadians will die as a result of air pollution than as *victims of Islamicism*. And the SHithead government continues its clear-cut-and-burn campaign at Environment Canada.

Bonus: Alison at Creekside. hahahahaha! Steve kicks off 9/11 blather week.


fern hill said...

Oo. 'Christian Brotherhood'. I like it. *evilgrin*

sunsin said...

Didn't the FBI say that from 2002 to 2005, only five per cent of domestic terrorism had anything to do with Islam?

Oh, those naughty people in the FBI! Must be a nest of commie Islamofascists.

Harper's only hating on Islam because most Canadians have never seen a real Muslim. If it were a hundred years ago, he would be gibbering about the Yellow Peril.

Well, Stevie, a word from the wise. I've traveled in Islamic countries and guess what? A few of the people I met were assholes, a few were saints, and the vast majority of them were just.... people. They tend to take their religion a bit more seriously than the average Canadian, but most of them are nowhere near as fanatical and closed-minded as the Jesus freaks you suck up to. I do understand why you want to demonize them. Conservatism goes over best in a climate of hatred and fear. But Stevie, seriously, go fuck yourself. Some of us remember the past and don't particularly care to repeat the fools we made of ourselves when we cast the Chinese/Japanese/Sikhs/Ukrainians/whoever as demons incarnate. It was wrong and stupid, and it was also a fucking waste of time and energy. That's a luxury we can't afford with trying times ahead.

Anonymous said...

Let's just nip this in the bud and plan the public apology in Parliament.
Save us 40 years of redress.

Beijing York said...

I wonder if the excellent ER doctors and specialists at our best hospitals will be rounded up and forced to live in "Islamicist" ghettos, along with professors, shop keepers, social workers, computer scientists and other working Canadians who happen to "look" or behave like Muslims.

They are already purging US campuses of these menacing potential terrorists, and local neighbourhood thugs make sure every immigrant shop keeper keeps a constant eye over their shoulders.

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