Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Bold Move for the Liberals

Bold idea for federal Liberals.

Stand up for the decriminalization of marijuana. Or even better, regulation and taxation. . . . PROFIT!

In the process, knock the crap out of the Contempt Party's despicable Omnibus Crime Bill.

The War on Drugs is an utter failure. The FBI's recent recent report proves it. A brave Canadian judge says so right out loud.

More and more sane people and countries are turning to harm reduction, like Portugal's highly successful program.

Will the Libs do it?

I'd be gobsmacked if they did.

On the other hand, what the hell do they have to lose?

They might even win a little. Maple Matters comments at the Globe link:
this would force me to vote Liberal.
Will they do it?
Not a chance.


ricky said...

I suspect the Liberals won't be that forward. They had several chances while in Govt and let it die. Not likely to do it now.

fern hill said...

There is a difference now. There are way fewer of them to get on board with it and a real chance to engage otherwise non-voters. Da Yout Vote!

And as one of the commenters at the Globe said: Time to lose the baggage.

Anonymous said...

My 16 year old pointed out yesterday that its easier to get pot than beer, so they'd better not legalize it any time soon.

fern hill said...

@Anonymous: if pot were legalized, regulated, and taxed, it would be as hard to get as booze. Keeping it illegal makes it easy for kids to get. Geddit?

Anonymous said...

Um, ya, I was quoting a 16 year old

fern hill said...

Quotation marks help avoid misunderstanding.

Niles said...

If they legalize and regulate where/who sells it, aren't those who sell it out of their basements still going to be subject to arrest, etc ala bootleggers? Or would it be like home wine production?

And would 'underage' users have it confiscated and forbidden to smoke 'on the street', or would it be treated like a pack of cigarettes in the hands of a 13year old hanging around in the parking lot (which is to say ignored)?

Lots of questions, but still better than sending all users to prison and using it as a gateway to further searching by law enforcement (or would that stop them?)

fern hill said...

I saw somewhere on Twitter today (Dan Gardner maybe -- he's all over this) the suggestion that we decriminalize immediately, then hold a Royal Commission to figure all those details out. Yay! We Canucks love our Royal Commissions!

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