Monday, 8 August 2011

The Queen Of Rage™

There are some who are crying foul over the photo Newsweek chose for its cover feature on Michele Bachmann.

Her supporters claim that by making her look like a RWNJ, the magazine is treating her with less respect than her male opponents, who have not allegedly been depicted at RWNJs.

The New Yorker also has a long piece about her campaign to secure the Republican Party nomination for the 2012 presidential race, here.

[...]Bachmann and her campaign staff know that––like Sarah Palin and like Mitt Romney—her image depends on a carefully groomed glamour. As Stewart was spelling out the rules of the plane, a flight attendant solemnly carried a full-length white garment bag from Nordstrom down the aisle, as if she were carrying the nuclear codes. Close behind followed two more aides––Bachmann’s personal assistant, Tera Dahl, and the makeup artist Tamara Robertson, who had been asked to join the team because Bachmann so admired her work at Fox News.

mitt romney newsweek cover. newsweek mitt romney cover

Oh look! Another Newsweek cover, this one with Mitt Romney.

So, Bachmann supporters and other RightWing NutJobs - listen up. Although Naomi Wolf would gladly let you shrieeek "Sexism!" about the Newsweek cover, and play the victim card which you keep accusing the women's movement of doing, feminists who support social justice are not buying your crap, nor your candidate's crap either.


ck said...

Mitt Romney looks like the guy in that viagara commercial that we see on tv where they sing that annoyingly chipper "good morning" song in the background. The photo retouch artists had their work cut out for them. I mean, it's not easy to get someone who usually looks like a funeral director to look like he's actually got life in him.

As for Bachman, well, she just looks insane, not a whole helluvalot anyone can do about that.

Niles said...

That photo looks like his head was shopped onto someone else's body.

A/I can't see him dressed anywhere in white socks while he's being presidential material.
B/I can't see him posing like that for a Mormon focus story, like a stereotypical Utahn male on mission.
C/There's just something wrong about the configuration of his head to that body and action. Of course, his head might be that big and awkward...

As for Ms Bachmann. I think she's garnered a lot of sexist trash, like every other woman in public life. Yelling that it's different when it happens to her, because she feels pain, unlike the progressive demons in politics who deserve every slur, that's the insult to injury part.

This particular cover? She's looking perfectly turned out except for the eyes. Part of me wonders why there seems to be a focus of wide eyes for xx politicians of her stripe.

I can't help but wonder if it's a hold over from beauty pageant training, where wide eyes and *focus* are supposed to indicate femininity, non-aggression and interest. I remember 'advice' in the olden days when girls were told not to squint but keep their eyes open and on the other person.

The facial tactic also makes it more difficult to frown (but you can still smile or look surprised), another nono for 'good girls'. The fact it makes a woman look a glazed stoner or ditzy is just a bonus. Better that than, you know, acting like a man.

Anonymous said...

I just accidentally clicked on this site. I have to say the posters seem moronic.

deBeauxOs said...

Anonymous, good riddance to you, then.

We get more than our share of *Anonymous* morons like you.

J. A. Baker said...

Speaking of morons, I cracked up when I saw the Romney Newsweek cover because I mistakenly failed to read the second 'm' in "Mormon."

Anonymous said...

Michelle Bachman is truely a RWNJ. She just yaps, making up stories as she progresses...... regardless of whether she is making sense or not. Listen to the latest rant where she was wearing a black top and addressing an audience (who may have been senior citizens?)about how Obama caused the S & P downgrade? That's her problem......she just makes noise, full of sound and fury signifying nothing. She is competing with Sarah Palin for the top RWNJ title and she may well win....and thats about all she can win. The Newsweek photo does her justice as the top RWNJ and she needs to own that title........ Ms BAchmann, own it. As for Romeney, so long as he denounces the fundamentalist mormons I am okay with the way he's become a regular fixture on the presidential campaign trail....... in fact part of the funtiture. We are glad to have him tag along as usual.

Anonymous said...

Ms Bachmann is a RWNJ. If she cant take the heat she should stay outta the kitchen

Cliff said...

Republicans complain its the cover that makes her look crazy. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest what's making her look crazy, is the crazy.

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