Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vote me ...


Britain has a referendum on voting.

Cats rule!

Oh. Wait.

Grand merci to brebis noire for the above.


fern hill said...

I saw that a few days ago. Seems pretty simple to understand, unlike the campaigns to tell us we're too stupid to have some form of PR because it's too complicated.

Granted, I am no electoral reform wonk and some of them get all wound up in explaining the niceties of various systems, but we've got to fix this mess.

Radical Centrist said...

I redid Monday's election using AV. Conservatives might not have won a majority.

fern hill said...

Interesting. Here's the linky made clicky.

fern hill said...

Here's another take on the election done in a sane way, from Alison.

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