Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Too little, too late.

To: Liberal dickheads (happily not a MASSIVE number)

You know who you are. Yes, you, you, you & you in particular.

So now you're apologizing to Stéphane Dion? Betcha that makes Michael Ignatieff feel really, really good about his fling with you pricks.

And that blaming and screeching thing you're doing? So jejeune. So much like Andrew Breitbart and his acolyte James O'Keefe.

Grow up, get rid of those third testicles you individually and metaphorically acquired (testosterone poisoning can be toxic, particularly when there are waaaay too many alpha dogs in one room) and get a grip. All that bad kharma you directed towards the NDP has returned tenfold to you.

And an itsy-bitsy teensy-weensy word of advice. WK is neither a guru nor DA BOMB. He's more like un pétard mouillé actually.

With my deepest sympathy to Tribe39 & impolitical.

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Orwell's Bastard said...

Think you mean "impolitical," not "impolical," but ... yeah.

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