Saturday, 14 May 2011

The Best Fetus Fetishist Lie Evah!

OK. We know they lie.

They lie about attendance numbers at their bunfests.

They lie about the incidence of 'coerced' abortion.

They lie about the consequences of abortion (see DAMMIT JANET! passim). Breast cancer, infertility, mental illness, substance abuse, just to name a few.

But they may have a real winner with this one. Abortion makes you fat.
@littlebytesnews Many post abortive women are obese? wtf? Citation please! #Prochoice is profacts #Prolife is pro-inflammatory rhetoric.

Well, given the epidemic of obesity, all the fetus fetishists have to do is find some buyable *cough* scientists *cough* and they'd be sure to find some kinda specious connection.

Yes, I do see the immediate little problem. ^NOT having an abortion will also make you fat. But that's just temporary. Afterwards, you'll slim right down to your previous sylph-like self.

Whereas if you have an abortion, WAM! Porkydom is yours.

What's next? Abortion causes bad breath? Unsightly facial hair? Odoriferous emanations from 'down there'? Waxy buildup in kitchen floor corners?

We wait with bated (bad) breath the next abortion-related scourge.


JeninCanada said...

lol Awesome. That's my tweet! And yeah, I'd love to see their 'evidence' that abortion makes you fat. Fuck off, antichoicers.

fern hill said...

Retweet me. We can both be famous. ;-)

JeninCanada said...

I totally did retweet that. :)

Beijing York said...

Wonder if the Harper government will give one of these quack organizations a public health research grant to investigate ;-)

Zorpheous said...

Stupid me, now I know why I'm over weight, I had an abortion, stupid, stupid me. Jebus, I don't even a vagina.

ck said...

BY: I'd count that one!

Abortion causing obesity. If anyone has seen later pics of Suzy ALLCAPS, she looks kinda portly. I wonder if she had an abortion??

In fact, ever notice that most she-fetus fetishists are overweight?

Sure these so-called scientists & fetus fetishists really want to go ahead with this argument??

deBeauxOs said...

Ah, yes Blob Blogging Wingnut is indeed portly because of HER pregnancy portage.

Anonymous said...

Maybe abortion could be a cure of anorexia.

wondering said...

Looking in the mirror, I see that I had a secret abortion that I totally forgot about. Whoops.

In fact, as I look through my school photos, I discover that I must have had an abortion while I was in kindergarten. Well, I always was precocious.

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