Monday, 4 April 2011

Ottawa-Centre: Stay classy, Scott

So far, the campaign focus at DAMMIT JANET! has been on Contempt party candidates and their Con jobs. Now it appears other party candidates believe Rovian tactics can work for them too.

Two campaigns, two approaches. Incumbent Paul Dewar, a capable NDP MP, launches a policy-based campaign, heavy on substance, and covering the entire range of issues before us, including a comprehensive plan to protect the integrity of the public service.

But Liberal hopeful Scott Bradley, who has no record to run on,

goes on the attack right away. In his front-page video clip, “Day Six,” he claims (@2:30) that Dewar has shown no interest in the public service since he was first elected five years ago. (This would be news to the largest federal public service union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which has endorsed Paul Dewar in the past and is expected to do so once again.) That’s still within bounds as political campaign discourse, and the public employees who live in Ottawa-Centre will make up their own minds.

But the clip begins with what sounds like: "Paul was saying, see, the PS is a good place to make cuts and save money..." That’s where the line is crossed. The actual quote, before Breitbarting, is:"Across the country many voters, despite what Paul was saying, see the PS as a good place to make cuts and save money..." Only the first week of the campaign, and one candidate is already aiming low.

“Paul Dewar does not have the monopoly on being a nice guy,”

said Scott Bradley as he launched his bid.

Oh - Scott? This kinds of tactic suggests you're straying down the path of *fear and loathing* that has become the trademark of the Contempt party. Do your *nice* Liberal buddies know what you're up to?


Beijing York said...

What an ass. The LPC will guarantee we get a Harper majority if they freaking waste their time attacking solid NDP incumbents or the NDP in general.

Malcolm+ said...

Gee, a Liberal lying. I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you.

fern hill said...

Malcolm+'s link.

Scott Bradley said...

Saw your blog posting. You are correct that I did make a comment on the public record as quoted in your first paragraph, but the second comment you are attributing to me is absolutely false.

I've never said that, and would appreciate a retraction. I will differentiate myself from my opponent, and make comments on what I think he has or hasn't do, but I don't make false accusations.

You are welcome to criticize me all you want, but as you are asking me to be respectful, I am hoping others show the same courtesy



Beijing York said...

Scott, I have worked on campaigns and know that you have to do your best to capture votes. I respect that. But you know, you could try to cast your position in a more respectful light that gives voters a choice and still spotlights who who the foe is in this election.

Perhaps you could put forward how you would have done more to protect those civil servant jobs than what Dewar did but at the same time underscoring how it's the Harper government who is out to destroy the civil service.

Seriously, we are after the same goal. Unseating the Contempt/Conservative Party.

Anonymous said...

Well, you have a choice to vote. Vote for Liberal or Vote for Harper ... because at the end of the day, a vote for NDP is a vote for Harper. So, think twice before casting that NDP vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey, in Ottawa Centre, Dewar is visible, active, and the incumbent: the most likely one to keep the Cons out. A vote for Bradley is a vote for Bradley, nothing more.

deBeauxOs said...


Campaign workers who produce this type of dishonest documents are not doing you or the Liberal party any favours.

To recap: Your video clip cuts off the intro to the CBC host who is interviewing Paul Dewar, as explained above. Then, you claim that the incumbent has NOT been working to defend his public service constituency - which is a fabrication.

"Five years and 30 minutes too late"...? That is bullshit and you know it.

As for the quote from MacLeans', if you have a problem with that, take it up with the magazine.

Anonymous: Take your Liberal scaremongering tactics elsewhere.

There are a number of vulnerable ridings where a strategic voting choice for the NDP or the Lib candidate will ensure it doesn't fall to the Contempt Party.

Ottawa Centre is a solid NDP stronghold so put your money where your mouth is and canvass in those ridings where Baird, Poilievre or Galipeau are the incumbents.

Dr.Dawg said...

Seems to me that voting NDP in a safe NDP seat isn't doing Harper any favours. The problem for "anonymous," of course,is that it isn't doing the Liberals any favours either.

But what is Scott Bradley on about, above? As I read the blogpost, the issue is the video at his place, which truncates the CBO Morning intro at the very start to make it sound as though Paul Dewar supports PS cuts. There was no misquotation or misattribution that I can see.

A shame that in staid old Ottawa-Centre we can't keep political discussion focused on the policy issues.

croghan27 said...

Well said, dBeauxOs .... (from an Ottawa Center resident and PSAC member)

The vote here is for both the NDP and for Paul. he is very popular, was the case for Broadbent when he ran here.

deBeauxOs said...

Hi croghan! Happy to see yr electrons.

I noticed that we're following each other on Twitter.

Scott Bradley said...

As a follow up - for the life of me last night, I watched that video a half dozen times, and couldn't figure out what the accusation was against us.

However, I listened to it again a few minutes ago, and realized it is how we cut the Halle Cottenham quote at the beginning that could be misinterpreted.

There was no intent to be malicious. Nonetheless, I agree that this could be perceived in the wrong way, and recognize where this could be seen by some to be creative editing or a false accusation.

We will be editing out the offending piece, and will have it corrected later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, and reposted on the website.

I appreciate the comments of all of you. Good to see that you are at least engaged in the local debate, and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Best Regards,


deBeauxOs said...


I understand you must be very busy but really, I stated in the blogpost and then in my reply to you exactly what the problem was, with your video.

Why was that so difficult to grasp?

As for your "5 years and 30 minutes" poke or, as you would say: *accusation* directed at Dewar, do you stand by that comment? How do support that?

Paul said...

Mr. Bradley expects us to believe he "watched that video a half dozen times, and couldn't figure out what the accusation was" even though the issue was a)obvious, b)clearly explained, and c) the very first thing in the clip?

Bradley apparently has problems with a) listening b) cognition and/or c) honesty.

Anonymous said...

Scott, you are a class act. You admit where a mistake was made, explain it even if some comment writers don't accept it, and you correct it. Class act, all the way. A real gentleman.
Also glad to see Paul Dewar involved in the election because he was a little late out of the gate. Now we can hear where's he's been and what he's done for the public service because we've not seen it.

deBeauxOs said...

Anonymous Scott Bradley supporter, do you need lessons in remedial reading?

The problem with Bradley's video clip was clearly explained, though he didn't get it the first time.

A question was also raised: What is the substance of his statement against Dewar?

In the justice system, the person making an accusation has to present proof of what he claims. Do you have something to provide, Anonymous, other than vacant rhetoric?

Anonymous said...

Insults are not required but if it helps you, go at 'er.
Scott Bradley pointed out that he made the mistake he had missed, corrected it and apologized. He even corrected the clip for all, not just the correspondents to this blog, to see.
The concern I see from Mr. Bradley's clip, postings and campaign generally has been that Mr. Dewar, as nice a guy as he is, has been ineffectual as a Member of Parliament. What concrete results can one identify that Mr. Dewar has accomplished for the public service in Ottawa?
If we keep voting for the 4th party, we can continue to expect the poor results delivered by the 4th party Member. If we want change in government, we have to change the make-up of the House of Commons, one seat at a time.

deBeauxOs said...

Anonymous Liberal, it would appear that you are only visiting this blogsite in order to leave comments after this post.

If you'd had an opportunity to note my scathing approach to fools I do not suffer gladly, sadly or bradly, you would by now be well acquainted with the difference between a question and an insult.

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