Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Debate in Four (Almost Bearable) Minutes

Watch it and be afraid. Be very afraid.

And. Also. Would it kill the Fucking Useless Opposition® to agree to lay off each other for the duration and go after Evul Stevul?

Well. Would it?


doconnor said...

Yes, it would kill the NDP and the Bloc. Would it kill the Liberals to support a coalition?

Jymn said...

I was cringing every time Layton and Ignatieff attacked each other. Harper just smiled, looked into the camera and winked.

Dylan said...

Zing doconnor!

The best clip of the debate, by far, was Ignatieffs response to Harpers plea for a majority -- Majorities are something you earn. Canadians need to trust you and that's hard to do when YOU don't trust them!

fern hill said...

Here is what Dylan is probably referring to, 45-second audio clip.

deBeauxOs said...

Of course, had Layton & Ignatieff played nicely with each other, Contempt leader Harper would use that as proof of a COALITION.

So if the Opposition is divided, SHithead wins, and if it's united, he wins too.

fern hill said...

Hell, you're no doubt right, dBO. But hasn't COALITION already run its course? The journos are laughing at it.

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