Monday, 28 March 2011

That 'Unnecessary' Election

Since Friday, I've been monitoring a Facebook event inviting people to vote in the 'unnecessary, reckless' election. I'd like to see it go viral like CAPP did.

From under 30, when I replied affirmatively, right now there are over 5500 Yes/Oui replies (2000 more than yesterday at the same time), with more than 29,000 invitations awaiting reply.

Apathy Is Boring is doing even better with its I Will Vote event. I haven't been following this one, but organizers claim that more than 11,000 accepted in 48 hours. Now there are over 12,000.

I keep reposting this link to Elections Canada for people who don't know how to go about it and for people who offer lame excuses.

Now, because I'm a generous person and SiteMeter indicates that almost nobody came back for their prize last time, I'll link to it again. You'll laugh out loud at the singing poodle. Not cutesy, just funny. (Facebook sign-in required.)

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