Friday, 25 March 2011

You are cordially invited. . .

To your own polling booth, sometime soon.

Yesterday morning, Jon Wiltzen created this Facebook event. When I confirmed my 'attendance', the number was under 30. It just blew by 500, with nearly 3,000 'awaiting reply'.

I'm trying to make it go viral, like Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP) did last year. It's the invite to your polling booth: 'I am a Proud Democratic Canadian and I Pledge to Vote on Election Day!' I wasn't in on CAPP at the beginning, but I think it was over a week old when I joined -- I joined in the 11,000s. Some critical mass occurred and it took off. And kept going. And going.

If this does go viral, it will be a lovely counter to the 'unnecessary, unwanted' election meme. 

Go do it. There's a reward for you when you come back. Don't sign out of Facebook.

Good. You're back.

Here you go.

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