Thursday, 17 March 2011

Re: Previous Post on Hudak

For some weird Blogger reason, there's no 'comments/edit' bar on our previous post on Tim Hudak's status as pro or anti Fetus Lobby.

If you have comments, leave them here.


sassy said...

When I tried to link to the post below via Pro. Blogs = Page not found.

k'in said...

I can't recall a more wishy-washy doofus of a politician than Tim Hudak-EVER.

Remember that election ad from way back in the day that featured Lyn McLeod's head on a weathervane?

That's Hudak.

Seriously - this dude doesn't even know in his heart of hearts (if he even has one) if he's a pro-lifer or not.

fern hill said...

@k'in: doofus is perfect.

@sassy: what can I say? Blogger is fucking us around. dBO had problems earlier today posting a photo.

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