Friday, 18 March 2011

Keep focus on Con's rotten core.

News item after news item uncover dodgy, unethical and potentially corrupt tactics involving Con flunkies, political operatives, advisors and ministers. It seems the Harper Regime was built on quicksand and the shiftiness of its *principles* will bring it down.

Now's the moment for us to strike quickly and efficiently, and yet the word that blazes from headlines is HOOKER.

While it's important to constantly challenge the *Family Values* pseudo-morality card the ReformaTory party plays whenever it's Con-veeenient - and to remind voters of its patent hypocrisy - snickering salaciously like frat boys about this information can derail an urgent hard punch to the Harper Regime's soft belly.

It's difficult to surpass impolitical's deft touch when it comes to handling activated explosive devices, but could we try to be strategic on this one? Taking the high road is critical for progressives; the credibility of our analysis of the Conservative's systemic, pervasive, and putrid practices could be be undermined by cheap shots.

Let's steer clear of the howling hyenas and jackals. We don't want to lose this battle.


JJ said...

Exactly. One of the opposition's selling points is supposed to be that it's *better* than that. Following Harper et al into the sewer of brainless feces-flinging known as "political discourse" just reinforces the idea that they're all the same. Voters can't be blamed for being so uninspired by the choices before them on election day that they opt instead to stay in their easy chairs and watch Dancing With The Stars.

JJ said...

Random thought, addendum to above: I sometimes wonder what would happen if everyone stayed home on election day -- I mean, everyone, as in voter turnout: 0%.

It doesn't seem to bother them that the voter turnout is only about half of eligible voters, and I doubt it would even faze them if the turnout was 10%. But 0? Unlikely, I know. But fun to think about.

k'in said...

So let me get this straight --- this guy scored jobs with Joe Clark, Brian Mulroney & Stephen Harper AFTER being disbarred for fraud?

What's the story there?

I'd like to know. Much more interesting to know how this guy has managed to "seduce" several generations of Conservatives than the dime-a-dozen story of how he managed to score a young woman using him for his money.

deBeauxOs said...

k'in, that's exactly what I wondered, too.

Carson must be quite the Con to con all those other Cons, as well as the ReformaTories, who know con jobs.

Anonymous said...

Harper & The Pillage People bunch of buffoons count on low voter turnout ... because the hordes of their supporters never disappoint to deliver 1/3 of the votes.

Liberals and NDP sit in their homes and then whine ...

fern hill said...

This is one voter who has never sat at home during an election. But I'm guilty on the whining bit.

Beijing York said...

I moved and I think I'm now in a LPC held riding (after nearly a decade of being in Pat Martin's solidly held NDP riding). Anyway, I'm not a huge fan of Anita Neville's views on Palestinians but I will probably hold my nose and vote LPC just to ensure another CPC doesn't get in. I was pretty good at whining the last election and promoting the Anyone But Conservative mantra and will do so again. Harper has destroyed more than I had ever thought possible with two consecutive minorities.

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