Friday, 18 March 2011

Harper Wants to Campaign on the Economy?

Nice economy ya got there, Stevie, be a shame if . . .

. . . the Conference Board of Canada rates it 10th among 17 'peer' nations and sinking.
When grading is complete, the Ottawa-based Conference Board said Thursday, Canada will slip to 10th on a list of 17 peer countries in 2010 from sixth in 2009. The Conference Board’s advance rankings have Canada in ninth place in 2011.

Maybe you shouldn't have spent all that dough on gazebos, fake lakes, overtime for useless and/or brutal G20 G8 cops, and your religious cronies.
"Wycliffe Bible Translators slurped up a hefty $495,600 of your money and mine. But that was dwarfed by the $3.2 million awarded to an outfit called Youth For Christ--and, while children living in poverty on a reserve in Attawapiskat have been denied a new school for years, Edmonton's Newman Theological College was recently awarded $4.2 million of Harper's largesse."

Maybe you should have spent stimulus money -- that you didn't want to spend at all -- wisely as other countries did, like on green job creating strategies.
Environmental researchers say the Harper government could have created three times as many jobs if it had invested stimulus funding in climate projects rather than in traditional infrastructure.

An analysis by the Pembina Institute shows that climate-friendly projects tend to be more labour intensive.

It suggests the $16 billion Ottawa spent on building roads, arenas and the like during the recession could have created or maintained almost 240,000 green jobs — instead of the 84,000 the government boasts of.

The study was funded by the British High Commission and relied on Ontario government research into how effective environmental spending is on job creation.

The Conservative government put just eight per cent of its stimulus funding into climate projects — much lower than in other countries.
Yo! Liberals! NDP! The Harper Regime wants to run an election on the economy? Bring it on!!!!!!


Kim Leaman said...

This is exactly Right. Harper claims the Economy as his strong suit. It has been quite clever of the Opposition to let him think so. It is ^NOT so!

Love it, Thanks

Nadine Lumley said...

G&M: If Steve Harper’s an economist, I’m the Queen of Sheba.

The ammunition to bury the Conservatives is overwhelming. Yet a majority of Canadians still don’t see it.

fern hill said...

Here's Nadine's link: Globe.

Beijing York said...

Excellent post, fern!

I'm glad you underscored how so many evangelical and fundamentalist Christian groups are making off like bandits. The Youth for Christ sweetheart did not conjure enough outrage it would seem to garner headline news even though tons of other intervention groups and community centres serving the impoverished North End had their funding cut.

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