Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Did Con candidate heel to party line?

Blogger Cowboys for Social Responsibility was the first to flag the potential election campaign disaster with this guy.

But, no problemo - the ex-PMO politburo has achieved spin control and their Contempt Party candidate has been effectively muzzled.

From here:
As the president of Quebec’s largest police union, Jean-Guy Dagenais forcefully defended Canada’s controversial long-gun registry, calling it a “must.”
On Tuesday, as he was officially presented as a star candidate for the Conservatives in the riding of Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot, he was suddenly for its abolition.

“It gives police a false sense of security,” Dagenais told reporters as he stood next to Christian Paradis, Stephen Harper’s Quebec lieutenant currently on a tour of the province.

Dagenais called the registry’s administration “shameful,” adding, “It’s a program that cost $2 billion.”

While he led the Quebec Provincial Police Association, which counts 5,400 members, he was a strong advocate for the registry’s survival even as the Conservatives were working to kill it.

“Here, the registry is a must,” Dagenais told Le Journal de Quebec in March, 2010. [...]

Dagenais’ union was strongly in favour of the registry maintenance, describing it as a highly consulted tool that helps officers do their jobs.
More about the organization that's investing thousands of dollars towards the campaigns of candidates who do NOT support the gun registry.


ck said...

Holy crap! Dagenais really has sold his soul to the dark side, hasn't he? Wow! Yes, how quickly they receive their marching orders.

Ironically, I wonder if all the cops in St-Hyacinthe-Bagotville will now vote for the Bloc?

Beijing York said...

Hopefully they will, ck.

Hmmm, does the Canadian Firearms Institute get funding from the NRA? And speaking of branch office lobbyists, is Focus on the Family "Canada" also plying certain candidates with donations?

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