Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Did Con candidate go rogue?

According to the Contempt Party's sycophant-in-chief and BT herder
Stephen Taylor, candidate Maxime Bernier's campaign slogan is "A guy from Beauce who does politics differently". Um, yeah. And unlike what happened to his former colleague Helena Guergis, Bernier was not shamed, blamed and thrown to the wolves excluded from the Con caucus.

He left unsecured classified NATO documents in a private residence, not his own. And he has proclaimed a number of personal & political opinions that may or may not have been vetted by the PMO's politburo, at his blog, and in public.

It seems that Bernier's MASSIVE ego is tailor-made to match his designer suits (or vice-versa). This guy from Beauce is clearly gunning for leadership of the Contempt Party and he displays all the obfuscating skills required for the job.


JJ said...

"A guy from Beauce", LOL. Looks like he's following the template of that guy who won Ted Kennedy's seat in Mass.: "I'm Scott Brown and I drive a truck".

We'll know for sure if he starts cruising around in an old pickup.

deBeauxOs said...

As long as his image consultant doesn't force him to abandon his Armani suits.

k'in said...

JJ-Guess that "I'm Scott Brown and I drive a truck" connects better with the Conservative family values crowd than "I'm Scott Brown former Cosmo centrefold".

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