Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Shrieeek!!! LieSite is being sued.

$500,000! Send money! Now!
"At LSN we are completely dependent upon Divine Providence; we usually have just enough in our bank account to get by until our next quarterly fundraiser (if even!). We simply have no money to spend on potentially crippling legal fees to fight this lawsuit."

Raymond Gravel, pro-choice priest and former BQ MP is an individual that we greatly admire, here at DAMMIT JANET! LieSite has been attacking and defaming him for a long time. He served his constituency well during the time he spent in the House of Commons. From here:
[...] Gravel was ordered by the Vatican to either give up the priesthood or leave politics, and he finally announced he would not run in the 40th Canadian federal election, saying that the priesthood was his life. He cited as his biggest regret his inability to pass his private member's bill C-490, which aimed to improve seniors' access to guaranteed income supplements
Thanks to @UnionSt and @AntoniaZ for alerting us to this CatholicCon job.

Although I don't know the details of the civil suit, I would make an educated guess that, as with similar cases, Gravel's lawyer asked LieSite to retract its defamatory remarks and to publish an apology. Upon its refusal to take action, the next step was to sue LieSite for damages and legal costs.

Imagine LieSite's dilemma: Admit the stuff it publishes is lying bullshit or hit up its readers up for half a million dollars?

ADDED by fern hill: GUESS WHO is SHRIEEEEKING?????11!!! (That's a link through Twitter -- two clicks but should be immune to fetal pr0n redirect.)


fern hill said...

And you know, if he wins, he'll donate the dough to a good cause. Maybe this one. *evulsmiley*

J. A. Baker said...

You know, there are ways around the fetus pr0n redirect... (link comes from the days when Charles Johnson was a dyed-in-the-wool wingnut)

deBeauxOs said...

It makes sense SHE would shrieeek in LieSite's favour.

After all, wasn't Splatrick Twatson one of HER more fervid supporters?

sassy said...

let the begging begin

My favorite part "this could shut us down!" not that I believe that for one New York minute, but the words look soooo good.

ck said...

Suzy ALLCAPSLOCK shouldn't worry her pretty li'l head now! Lifesite will somehow muddle thru, continuing to spew and butcher the word of Gawd...Generally, fundraising tends to go up amongst their audience, as any cause's fundraising tends to do when their target audience is being appealed to for funds.

I wish they would go outta business though...

Yep, Father Gravel is a hero of mine and I really hope he prevails. Too bad he still isn't in politics anymore. Cdn politics can sure use him.

double nickel said...

I almost miss Twatsy's rants ;)

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