Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Assassination-Enabling Legislation

Now, if Scott Roeder had only waited a bit and lured Dr. George Tiller to South Dakota, that 'justfiable homicide' defense would have worked jim-dandy-great.
A law under consideration in South Dakota would expand the definition of "justifiable homicide" to include killings that are intended to prevent harm to a fetus—a move that could make it legal to kill doctors who perform abortions. The Republican-backed legislation, House Bill 1171, has passed out of committee on a nine-to-three party-line vote, and is expected to face a floor vote in the state's GOP-dominated House of Representatives soon.

The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Phil Jensen, a committed foe of abortion rights, alters the state's legal definition of justifiable homicide by adding language stating that a homicide is permissible if committed by a person "while resisting an attempt to harm" that person's unborn child or the unborn child of that person's spouse, partner, parent, or child. If the bill passes, it could in theory allow a woman's father, mother, son, daughter, or husband to kill anyone who tried to provide that woman an abortion—even if she wanted one.

Jensen did not return calls to his home or his office requesting comment on the bill, which is cosponsored by 22 other state representatives and four state senators.

"The bill in South Dakota is an invitation to murder abortion providers," says Vicki Saporta, the president of the National Abortion Federation, the professional association of abortion providers. Since 1993, eight doctors have been assassinated at the hands of anti-abortion extremists, and another 17 have been the victims of murder attempts. Some of the perpetrators of those crimes have tried to use the justifiable homicide defense at their trials. "This is not an abstract bill," Saporta says. The measure could have major implications if a "misguided extremist invokes this 'self-defense' statute to justify the murder of a doctor, nurse or volunteer," the South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families warned in a message to supporters last week.

The Excited States is becoming unrecognizably insane.

ADDED: PZ Myers's take.


J. A. Baker said...

I can has job in Canada?

fern hill said...

Progressive/liberal USians are very welcome here, JAB.

On the other hand, Stephen Fucking Harper is doing his dammedest to throttle our once pinko paradise.

Cliff said...

At the same time as this crazy legislation is getting all the attention they are using the cover to try to slip in a requirement that any woman seeking an abortion be FORCED to consult one of those phony fundamentalist front group pregnancy centers - was the legalized murder bill just political cover?

fern hill said...

Cliff, yeah, I saw that little stinker. I'm crazy busy at the moment, but I'm pretty sure other states are considering forcing women to got to fake lying liar clinics. Often because they're forcing women to have ultrasounds and because the states are bankrupt. So, presto! Force women wanting abortions to go to lying liars first.

AntoniaZ just used hashtag #ChristianTaliban on Twitter. I like it. It's perfect.

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