Saturday, 5 February 2011

Egypt will rise

@Zeinobia, an Egyptian blogger that I follow on Twitter put this up at her site. It is a classic and powerful graphic - inspiring and resonating.


JJ said...

Yay! My heart is with the Egyptian people. What an incredible couple of weeks this has been.

Pseudz said...

. . . and the regime keeps on dribbling out little concessions; while with admirable resolve the protesters stick to their single demand. It's wonderful.

Does anyone know if there's anyone providing logistical support from here? Food, Money, meds?

Beijing York said...

That is a fantastic poster and the photo it's based on is very moving.

I am amazed at how steadfast and focused their movement is. They won't budge for any of these half measures orchestrated by the US. They are freaking golden in their resolve and courage.

Pseudz, I have no idea if there are any avenues to give them financial support but if there is, I would happily help.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the original file and artwork.

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