Saturday, 5 February 2011

Are You 'Pro-Life'?

Because if you are, you need to get the opposite of a Living Will, the Will to Bankrupt Your Family and the Healthcare System.

Being 'pro-life' is not just about slut-shaming, panty-sniffing, women-controlling, and pregnancy-forcing -- though admittedly those are the fun parts -- it's much more.

Being 'pro-life' includes the martyrdom selflessness of not only forcing all your family members to linger as long as they can in pain, despair, helplessness, and indignity, but to be goddamm ready to do it yourself.

So, 'pro-lifers', man up (*snerk*) and sign the paper demonstrating your willingness to suffer yourself and suffer the little children to go into medical bankruptcy so you can gasp out your last when Gord says so and not a second before.

And they have the gall to call pro-choice people selfish.


David said...

Excellent point. My wife works in health care with people who are going to die in the hospital. That one family member who wants Mom to be kept alive does, indeed, cause "pain, despair, helplessness, and indignity" to the patient, and the entire family. Have a DNR and living will prepared.

Beijing York said...

I swear the pro-lifers have fueled the industry behind making severely premature infants viable with huge costs and lifelong detriments. This includes rallying around obscene artificially produced multiple births. And of course these zealots have no comprehension of their hypocrisy. They claim Gord's will at all costs while ignoring that Gord's will might be to make sure certain women remain barren. You can't have it both ways.

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