Friday, 11 February 2011

Blob Blogging Wingnut cites lies as *news* - what a surprise! (with update)

Blob Blogging Wingnut says:
"I wonder if our "reproductive choice" advocates will have anything to say about this. Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting."
in response to a *news item* SHE attributes to the BBC and Rwandan media about that country allegedly forcing 700,000 men to be circumcised and sterilised. There is text cited but no link, of course.

As a woman who supports reproductive responsibility AND choice, this is what I have to say about religious rightwing obfuscators like ALLCAPS who post unsubstianted alarmist propaganda in the guise of *news*: Revolting.

A Google search reveals that HER undisclosed source for the fabrication could be one of these - lifesite news, christiansunitenews but likely canadafreepress (because without America there is no free world) - whereas one legitimate news media - the BBC - provides
Rwanda has strongly denied reports that its parliament is considering a draft law which would forcibly sterilise people who are mentally disabled.
Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, deputy speaker of parliament, was responding to a call by US-based activists Human Rights Watch to scrap the proposed law.
He also told the BBC that plans for HIV testing before couples get married are strictly voluntary, not compulsory.
Mr Ntawukuriryayo said the lobby group should check before releasing reports. He said he had never seen a bill or provision which proposed forcible sterilisation.
More information about the voluntary circumcision campaign in Rwanda, here.

Baby Jay-Zeus cries when you spread your lies, SAINTE-NITOUCHE.

Update: Good grief, now SHE's playing her persecution violin. Wah, wah, wah. The evul forces that control academia wouldn't let HER *think* and express whatever SHE wanted and wouldn't award HER the credentials SHE wanted.

Say BBW - if you kept all your research as well as the reams of writing you did to counter those elements of English Lit you found so offensive, you should consider presenting your candidacy to Charles McVety's Christian College. I suspect the faculty there will be receptive to your notions and who knows, you might be able to buy earn a *dokterate.*


Sixth Estate said...

Even aside from the deception, what exactly is she hoping to prove here? Does she honestly think progressives actually want to go out and sterilize Africans? I don't understand...

Let me guess. This is the part where the right accuses the left of "awkward silence", right? Geez...

fern hill said...

Well, using their unique twisty-pretzelly logic, they'll probably try to tie this to their accusations that pro-choice people are racists. Yep. There's a fetus fetishist campaign claiming that Planned Parenthood targets black women and as a result there's a black genocide occurring.

deBeauxOs said...

Right. If this is Black History Month, then The Fetus Fetishists will be screeching Black *Holocaust* ... err - Genocide!

Sorry, I keep getting their tropes mixed-up.

Beijing York said...

Good grief! Wow, twisted pretzel logic for sure. Championing saving the Rawandans from "black genocide" while simultaneously accusing the Rawandans of ludicrous human rights abuses. I imagine Planned Parenthood is somehow at fault too :-)

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