Sunday, 23 January 2011

What a party pooper!

A female Radio-Canada, likely freezing her butt up on Parliament Hill whilst awaiting the arrival of Emperor Stephen the Phirst for the ReformaTory HarperCon Party celebrations of his 5 years of reign, waxes churlish.

She reports that it's not been all rock & roll for PMSH; he has become notorious for using tactics that divide his progressive and moderate Opposition in order to maintain his rule in Parliament. In fact, she reminds us, the PM's reflex during the 2008 market collapse leaned toward starvation and famine; it was a unified Opposition that insisted upon the government injecting fiscal incentives as well as funds into the Canadian economy.

Oh dear. I suspect this gal will be covering the town council meetings in Wadena should ever Stevie Spiteful get the majority he lusts after.

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