Saturday, 22 January 2011

Beck directs hate campaign towards Piven.

Canadian-born Frances Fox Piven has the odd distinction of being a progressive septuagenerian for whom FauxNews infotainment jockey Glenn Beck displays a hate-on.

In terms as florid as they are vitriolic,
Beck directs a campaign of naming and blaming Piven for a multitude of *sins* as defined by his extremist rightwingnut perspective. Remember, this is the guy who uses his pulpit at FauxNews to drive his 9/12 Pledge down the throats of moderate and rational Republicans. More here.

There are a number of reasons that Piven has become an emblematic target for Beck: she is not an ivory-tower intellectual/academic (she has solid
activist creds as photo below taken at Columbia in 1968 demonstrates), she defends the rights of poor, disenfranchised US workers (Beck services wealthy corporate interests) and she is a Jewish peacenik who supports the campaign to pressure Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories.

How will
Beck's verbal violence and invective against Piven end? While she is a worthy and feisty adversary who vigorously and lucidly opposes the mendacious values Beck champions, why doesn't he bully someone his own size instead of this petite 78 year-old widow?

Someone like
Lush Bimbo, for example?


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double nickel said...

It takes a special kind of fuckwit to take on a 78 yr old under any circumstances.

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