Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Stoooopid, It Burns

Abortion causes breast cancer -- in abortion providers.

Big Nurse Stanek gloats that two abortion doctors died of breast cancer in 2010.

Abortion does NOT cause breast cancer.
These newer studies examined large numbers of women, collected data before breast cancer was found, and gathered medical history information from medical records rather than simply from self-reports, thereby generating more reliable findings. The newer studies consistently showed no association between induced and spontaneous abortions and breast cancer risk.

Hey, but that's just the National Cancer Institute talking. Ya know, not a Big Gloating Nurse.


Mrs. Bitch said...

FFS, and I thought I was a nasty bitch - these effing hags make me look like Mother Teresa.

"The sad irony pro-lifers will recognize is that abortion can cause breast cancer.

Although we don’t know whether Hill or Rothrock had abortions..."

What's your point then, you stupid cow? The message I take away from this is that women who are pro-life are incapable of reason.

Rob F said...

I don't believe abortion causes breast cancer (no quality study back supports the idea that it does). For example, Canadian socon wingnut and anti-abortion activist Heather Stilwell succumbed to breast cancer too. Furthermore, my great uncle died of breast cancer too. If abortion causes breast cancer the way anti-choicers are always claiming it does, it's difficult to explain these cases.

But anyway, so what if abortion causes breast cancer? If X causes cancer, it does not follow that we should ban X. If Nurse Stanek truly believed that causing cancer was enough to make something illegal, she's want to ban going out in the sunshine. After all, that causes skin cancer.

magnolia_2000 said...

stop coming over to wmtc and making stupid comments cause youre jealous she won a blog award and you didnt. 10 days ago you were all excited by the awards but today you coming running like a whiny little girl over to wmtc to complaining about the award. get over it. we as fans of wmtc are very protective of laurak. leave her alone. bitch.

fern hill said...

Rob F, the ABC, as the fetishists style it (Abortion=Breast Cancer) is not used as a reason to ban it, but as a scare tactic used on women considering abortion. It's a mantra at crisis pregnancy centers. 'Don't have an abortion; you will get breast cancer.' There's also 'Abortions cause depression, suicide, and substance abuse'. And the ever-favorite 'If you have an abortion, you'll be infertile.'

fern hill said...

magnolia: I'm sure laurak would be delighted to know that she has such juvenile fans.

And if you knew squat about Canadian politics, you'd know that any jury that found Stephen Taylor to be the best political blogger in the land has zero credibility.

Further comments from you will not be approved.

Beijing York said...

These zealots have no shame. Gloating over the deaths of those two doctors is disgusting.

JJ said...

Apart from the fact that BC experts adamantly maintain that this supposed "link" is a myth, Nurse Stanek doesn't even know if these 2 abortion providers have themselves ever had an abortion! So, astonishingly, what she seems to be suggesting is that just being in the same room where an abortion is taking place is enough to cause breast cancer.

That's some weapons-grade stupidity: I feel stupider just for having read the article. I wonder if there's a link between Nurse Stanek's articles and the spread of virulent dumbness?

deBeauxOs said...


Could Magnolia_2000 be 'Dodo Can Spell' under a different name? - the style is certainly the same.

laura k said...

Troll alert:

Banned from my blog 4 years ago, but still attempting to leave comments almost daily, still posting anywhere I post. Quite insane.

laura k said...

"So, astonishingly, what she seems to be suggesting is that just being in the same room where an abortion is taking place is enough to cause breast cancer."

Second-hand abortion as a carcinogen! I wonder what the range is. Is the clinic receptionist at risk? Hey, what about the antis? Maybe holding signs in front of a clinic puts you at greater risk for cancer!

I suppose I shouldn't say "I wish".

fern hill said...

Here's laura k's troll alert piece about magnolia_2000 who has left us another turd that I'm not posting.

Thanks, laura k.

JJ said...

"Second-hand abortion as a carcinogen!"

Unbelievably, that seems to be what she's suggesting: that second-hand abortion works the same way as second-hand smoke.

Arrgh, the stupid runs strong, so very very strong...

deBeauxOs said...

Is Jill "Big Nurse' Stank still a practising RN?

If so, I fear for the safety of her patients. Her knowledge of biochemistry and her grasp of medical science are ideologically impaired.

Beijing York said...

Oh dear, spotted magnolia 2000 spouting off how great the tar sands are at Montreal Simon's. I guess he/she is not a single-focus troll.

fern hill said...

Beijing York: I just commented at Simon's with Laura K's troll alert link. Thanks for heads up.

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