Sunday, 2 January 2011

Go to hell, go directly to hell.

Mr John Smeaton. Do not pass GO, do not collect any of the hundreds of indulgences you believe your slavering obsequiousness has gathered on your behalf.

We learn of Smeaton's odious and smarmy homophobic rant via Enormous Thriving Plants. It wavers between the shop-worn passive-aggressive style favoured by christian Brits and the prickish swagger affected by men hung like hamsters.

Smeaton, the top rent-boy at SPUNC, hits out at Elton John, gay parenting, IVF, and atheism whilst not missing an opportunity to disparage Tony and Cherie Blair.

The crux of his screed is given a magnificent whoopee! with his reference to "the 10th anniversary celebration of Stonewall, the UK’s main homosexualist organisation. Sir Elton's performace featured homo-erotic dancers dressed as Boy Scouts, in what seemed to me to imply the promotion of paedophilia."

Clearly those dancers should have been dressed as members of Pope Maledict's Vatican Taliban in order to make the connection to the catholic church and its promotion and tolerance of heterosexual pedophilia evident to all.

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thwap said...

Of course, het males have NEVER show-cased 20-something nymphettes dressed as school-girls.

And of course the Catholic Church itself has never burned or massacred or robbed.

What a buncha hooeey. But how would we expect a perverted organization that go itself into this scandal in the first place to be able to defend itself without making people gasp in horror and disbelief?

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